A firefighting discussion

Some considerations on possible tactics for fighting wildfires:

The first deals with firewhirl type fires, targeting the core temperature of the fire:

High pressured compressed CO2 gas tanks dropped from air operations into the center of the blaze.

If the tank does to break upon impact, the heat will eventually breach the canister resulting in a high explosion of cold gas that will suffocate the immediate vicinity from oxygen for a brief period.

Theoretically, we can significantly reduce the heat of a fire, strategically dropping tanks at different areas of the fire to disrupt wildfire growth or otherwise stall the fire momentarily.

Tank sizes can be modified depending on the situation. One larger tank to make significant impact of high intensity heats, or perhaps dropping several 5 lbs. tanks across a landscape, each one disrupting the fire’s ability to gain strength.

Another consideration is dry ice spread out over smoldering and creeping fires, both the cold and carbon dioxide will theoretically clear immediate danger, and accelerate fire containment.

The idea is to inhibit oxygen to the fire, an explosion of gas pushes the oxygen away, and the gas in it’s place cannot fuel the fire.

Argon gas could also theoretically be used.

It may be possible to over pressurize the tanks, or extra safety precautions to release gas around safety zones in the event of an emergency.

Some further consideration toward the environment would warrant the use of argon gas over co2, but after finishing the wildfire behavior course for type 2 firefighters, some additional applications can be pursued with the use of compressed gas for fire mitigation.

Take for example the predictable nature of topographical winds or cold front behavior.If we can predict where the wind is coming from, then having resources available to deliver high volumes of argon gas positioned as lookouts, to release a steady stream of gas from the point of wind entry, using the forces of the wind to carry the gas to the fire, and limit the amount of oxygen the fire has access to.

Similarly, the expectation of a cold front means we can assume to set up at a location south of the fire with an argon gas resource, or better yet, the southwest position and take advantage of the increased wind speeds when the cold front reaches the area. We can minimize how much a wildfire grows from the extra winds right before a cold front, metaphorically putting our foot in the door, so we don’t lose our place.

Argon gas “mines” for firewhirls threatening a safety zone, setting perimeter charges so that if a firewhirl passes the perimeter, it would set off an explosion of argon gas that could theoretically disrupt the combustion within the whirl. The burst of cold air could also theoretically diminish the force of a firewhirl, cooling the air that causes such violent behavior.

I had stumbled on that Firefighter portal on accident, I’ve taken the fire behavioral, currently in smoke management, but I think having this much access was an accident.

My wife… not a fan of giving your life to service, her father died in the line of duty as Thai Police, she cares more about families than heroes.

So I haven’t had a chance to delve any further than I have.

The key is our ability to predict how a fire is going to grow, which variables we can definitively define as constant, so that such resources like inert gas can be employed with accuracy. Compressed inert gas, I wonder if it will help the dixie fire, which is why I send you this email today.

If it is something worth exploring, the Dixie Fire is at least worth testing, compressed tanks of inert gas, my suggestion of argon gas, to push the oxygen away from the blaze and momentarily suffocate the fire with the presence of a gas the fire can’t consume. If you could design the charges to discharge horizontally, keeping the force of the explosion sending gas across the landscape it would help to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

Also, on the fire line side, I feel like we could bring in local professions, adding some income for being on-call, to help expedite the forming of fire lines, and even supplementing entrepreneurial expediency to controlling the fire.

Instead of calling for other fire fighters from other locales (not saying to replace, but we’re spreading ourselves thin), you can utilize municipal resources if we were prepared to do so.

Like plows reporting for snowfall, we too can have a commercial arm to assist firefighters, and it would cost less than moving so many qualified resources around.

Talking squads of semi haulers ready to pull rooted trees from their position, getting them out of the way in short order.

Professional fellers can be relied on to fell your trees safely, and with accuracy.

Even their apprentices can run down your considerations and safety concerns with competence, long enough for the boss to get back and confirm everything said.

Relying on this professionalism in conjunction to firefighting leadership can be a great partnership in fire management.

Heavy machine crews, those semis could come in hauling machines to pile mounds in front, while loading the empty beds and moving them off a quarter mile.

Landscape crews can clear your brush, they work for HOA, they know how to move.

The tactics on utilizing inert gas has been a heated topic of conversation primarily focusing around the woke ass nature of the idea in general.
I argued that my knowledge came from firefighter training itself, that I was able to take the classroom requirements for Type II firefighter, and it was what I learned in the fire behavior training course did I realize what our firefighters are capable of.

Their ability to predict and determine the effects of topographical winds at such accuracy warrants further consideration with mechanical engineering to determine the best avenues of deployment and analyze fire behavior data to offer you only near complete precision opportunities.

I started this tirade early one morning a week ago, and didn’t let up until that evening.

This is a summarized version of the conversation in whole, up until now I have been facing heavy criticism on my idea and my character for some time. Coincidentally, there was a wildfire called the Tunnel Fire that was keeping our rich from their secluded homes, and brought out some especially childish behavior… in the Tunnel Fire chat on FB, but I brought it back to my chatroom of Flagstaff’s esteemed, and that is when I showed my service people my knowledge of Rank and File.

Buckle up buttercup…

If you knew how I had to defend our firefighters for the Tunnel Fire, then you would be inclined to think that more community involvement would be prudent.

Too many people want to head straight for danger, firefighters don’t have the fucking time or resources to inform the public of what exactly is happening.

Our firefighters are fighting fires on their own, it is only a matter of time before fire, an awesome force of nature, overcomes the very slim minority that even know how to deal with such power.

"To all of you, tell that to the firefighter that has to live with the fact that they sent you off to die, knowing full well the dangers of what they send you to, with the training seared into their heads.

“You knew, and you let them go anyway.”

That is what you ask of our firefighters.

Calm down, your lives are safe, be grateful to have people looking out for you.

We do this because there is precedence, all kinds of stories of careless folk burning alive."

"As much as I feel for those who have homes out there, there is prudence with not sending you back prematurely, because these precautions we take all have precedence.

While you are willing to risk your life, the burden will be heavier on others allowing you passage knowing the dangers you run into."

"People think being let home early is innocent.

It is not, and no one should ever want to risk putting anyone in that position.

Is it so important we jump the gun? We have a century of firefighter training that suggests we should be careful when playing with fire."

People are are stupid, as soon as anything affects them, all of a sudden safety isn’t as important.

There are people that care more about your life than you do.

Respect our people of service, they do it for us.

People of service, you work for the people, let the people help you.

We want to support you.

And thank you for your service.
All our service people, regardless of my criticism.

We are all doing our best, I look towards policy change to change the culture, I believe our people of service capable to the challenge.

This is America after all, if anyone can, it should be us.

We are the melting pot, and those that come seek freedom and prosperity.

We’re a good brew the United States, don’t ever forget that.

"Our firefighters risk their lives against the most out of control force of nature we have.

They don’t need a community that thinks our Fire Department doesn’t have the community’s best interest in mind.

It pains Firefighter leadership as much as anyone to keep people from their homes.

For them, people ask the impossible, and it’s heartbreaking.

“We’re sorry, we just can’t let you do that.” Is one of the hardest commands leadership can give.

They do it for our sake, and our sake alone.

Thank you again, our people of service."

I live in town, what do I care that people are still disgruntled and our firefighters continue to get ire for keeping people safe?
They blew me off anyway, for my woke ideas and disrespect of even a response, shouldn’t I be happy?

The fuck I am, I understand how turning new leaves can be hard, I, a man, know all about the struggles of overcoming my own arrogance.

I dare say I still have trouble with that today.
Something I presume all men can relate to.

I’m proud of the people that answer the call for the whole of their people, and I will stand up for them whenever it is called for, a small gesture to help remind me of our guardian angels.

I stand for them, like they stand for me.
We, the people, are humbled at your service and sacrifice, and grateful for your honor and duty.

God Bless America.

-end of transmission-

…this is how you reach the Right Wing. The conspiracy theory is only a membrane, you must reach passed it in order to break passed the distortion.

We are not the Left they were told about in the stories scaring them as children before they fell asleep.

They were only told that because it builds character under Republican doctorine.
Other than that children were to be seen and not heard.