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Good day,
I am a queer cosmopolitan from Namibia. I also have another heritage - Bulgarian. I love your shows and your sense of humour.
I want to bring to your attention an own goal from what appears to be a highly Conservative Catholic Channel based in the US. I am Roman Catholic, but I have since spent a great deal of time in the Jewish spaces, as many are progressive and accepting. It was there I learnt the concept of Dayenu, to be grateful for what is given. But I also learnt when things are not enough - Lo Dayenu. I feel while the Roman Catholic Church is making huge strides, overall it is not enough. So back to my suggestion, the Conservative channel on youtube is critiquing the German, Swiss and Belgian bishops, who are for the most part impatient with the pace at which the Vatican is opening its doors to LGBT+ people. In their critique, a female commentator behind the main man who is speak says “all of the milk-ity chocolate regions…”, to which the main man says “the chocolatiers of the world” in referring to a supposed lobby within the Roman Curia to appoint a progressive Pope (Pope Francis). You will find this on time stamp 5:32 of the video where he refers to “the Belgian, Swiss, contingent of Cardinals who gave us the Francis, what’s that…[the woman in the background makes the comment about them being chocolate regions of the world]”. I find this ironic and I cracked up. This channel does not show the woman who is speaking, clearly, the only let us see the man, the woman is hidden and we only hear her voice. Clearly gender equality is not a value this channel holds. Second, the fact the so called “chocolatiers” of the world are pushing for a gay accepting papacy sounds like the plot of a right wing gay propaganda video: they gave you exquisite dark chocolate and now they are pushing not only coco, but gay rights down your throat. Please make a video about this! Here is the link, the video came out today Vatican US Embassy Pride - YouTube


Thanks for sharing this. I’ll definitely take a look. If we aren’t able to cover it, please do keep sharing what’s important to you in our discussion boards so that people in our community can learn important stories like this. So glad you’re here!

I am a Roman-Catholic as well, but no longer practicing. I can’t be a member of a group where the leaders allow crime to continue by just moving criminals around.

Then they tell me my gay half, white brother can’t be saved. He had never said no to me about anything.

(This is in no way commenting on your homosexuality. I’m a homosexualphile. LOL!)