Book Chat Friday, August 6, 8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT

Mark your calendars for Friday, August 6, @ 8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT. We’re reading the book: The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein.

Our discussion will focus on part 3, “Surviving Democracy,” pgs. 161-211 of the soft cover book.

Read pdf for free , or order online to support her work if you can.

For those who are new to our chats, we read independently and then hop onto a Zoom conference call to talk about it. Details for how to call in are below. We welcome all newcomers!

RSVP is not required, but we would love to know who is going to join us. Simply respond to this post.

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I’m excited about this! I read the Shock Doctrine a long time ago (don’t even want to think how long, lol) and this is a great excuse to re-read it. It had a huge impact on my political outlook. Look forward to seeing what other people have to say and learn more together.


I read it many moons ago too, but didn’t finish it. It’s been a good motivator for me to re-read and finish it. It’s been interesting re-reading it, too, with all that has happened in the last 5 years, and It’s extra nice to have others to discuss it with. So glad you’ll join us!


Anyone want to share some of their favorite quotes from the book so far?

“The vast majority of the victims of the Southern Cone’s terror apparatus were not members of armed groups but non-violent activists working in factories, farms, shantytowns and universities. They were economists, artists, psychologists and left-wing party loyalists. They were killed not because of their weapons (which most did not have) but because of their beliefs.”

“A more accurate term for a system that erases the boundaries between Big Government and Big Business is not liberal, conservative or capitalist but corporatist. Its main characteristics are huge transfers of public wealth to private hands, often accompanied by exploding debt, an ever-widening chasm between the dazzling rich and the disposable poor and an aggressive nationalism that justifies bottomless spending on security.”


Great idea! I also highlighted those same quotes. Here are just a few others. There are so many of course.

“The ultimate goal for the corporations at the center of the complex is to bring the model of for-profit government…to privatize the government.”

“What has emerged is a powerful ruling alliance between a few very large coporations and a class of mostly wealthy politicicans - with hazy eyes and ever-shifting lines between the two groups…These political and corporate elites have simply merged, trading favors to secure the right to appropriate resources previously held in the public domain.”

“Shocked societies often give up things they would otherwise fiercely protect.”

Milton Friedman, “as the heir to Adam Smith, he believed passionately that humans are governed by self-interest and that society works best when self-interest is allowed to govern almost all activities - except voting.”

“By focusing on the crimes and not on the reasons behind them, the human rights movement also helped the Chicago School ideology to escape from its bloody laboratory virtually unscathed.”


This is my first time reading it! Heavy, but interesting! Look forward to having you join us! I hope the group keeps growing as we learn a lot and have fun at the same time! If only we could meet in person, we could have horderves. lol


Yes, very heavy stuff. I don’t remember if I got into Chomsky before or after Naomi Klein. I saw Chomsky speak in person about 10 years ago! It was standing room only. Unfortunately since he’s so soft spoken I didn’t hear a lot of it… (Wonder if it eventually ended up on YouTube somewhere?)

Unfortunately the big lecutres like that, and even the small book club meetings like this, might not happen anytime soon. Glad at least there’s Zoom! Which also lets people from wherever join too. I doubt people would come to Memphis, TN from Hawaii or other places here or abroad, lol.

Looking forward to meeting you guys virtually!


I’m glad I’m not the only one who says “many moons ago.” My wife kind of looks at me funny when I come out with expressions like that, haha. But after all this time (just celebrated our 14th anniversary this month!) I think she’s used to it at least!


:rofl: Happy anniversary! WOW that’s a long time. Good for you two. I imagine the only way to make it that long is to accept each other’s weirdness. I love weird.

So neat that you got to see Chomsky in person. Sounds like he needs a personalized sound system.


I say, “many moons ago” often! lol. Maybe it’s southern; I’m in KY. I don’t know. Maybe it’s kind of like saying “Bless his/her heart!” LOL

Congrats on your anniversary!

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Whaaaaa you too!? I knew I found my people.

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I have a hard time hearing him on You Tube in any of his interviews. Chomsky definitely needs to learn to project! lol


Thanks! Yes, I would have never thought I’d be married at all, much less for 14 years. I’m getting old, lol.

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Same here. At home I can turn the volume up. I wish I’d gotten there sooner so I could hear better. My guess is that if you’re Noam Chomsky, you’ve earned the right to be as quiet or as loud as you want to be. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! What’s funny about “many moons ago” is that I’m from the Chicago area and my wife’s from further south in Illinois. We’re in the Memphis, TN area now but I’ve been using it since I was a kid…which was many moons ago. :smiley:

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I hope you’ll join us Friday night!

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Pixie is ready for book club