Change Legal Corporate Structure to include worker representation

The oligarchy is nurtured and enhanced by corporate laws. Bernie Sanders wanted to change the regulations to mandate worker representation on the boards of corporations. We can start there, but it needs to go much further. In this heightened labor-friendly trend, i think there is an actual possibility that could happen as a start.

But, it’s only a start, for if it’s only one person, they would be out-voted all the time. So, maybe start there, but let’s try for much more…
How about adding to that a local community representative on the board who would represent the perspective of the local community that very often is providing tax breaks and other incentives to these corporations (that can just turn around and leave the community at will).
That would at least be two members who would represent the people and their community.

Consider other structural changes that would help people and the environment.

If you really want to do something significant and daring…


Ombudsman positions are anathema in our current meta. In my opinion they are vastly under utilized / respected.

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What? Why?
Legislation aiming to embolden Unions To represent local communities

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Lets get real. What chance does Bernie have to actually get this passed?

Thank you for keeping the conversation going. That is what I am talking about!
Let’s get productive:

first, I see you seem to be against this idea on Strategic Grounds. You can vote that on the post above :point_up: and if you are against it also on Conceptual Grounds you can also vote for both.

second, in order to keep the conversation going. What are the hurdles, besides money in politics as we all know that is by far the biggest one, that we may encounter?


It is always darkest before the light.

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@fourthwall_dragon - Thank you for continuing this conversation. The reason that EVERYONE did so well in the 1950s-70s is because we had [have] checks and balances on corporations and the wealthy. A lot of those checks and balances were voted away by the Washington elite during Reagan and beyond… but, there’s still regulations on the books that are not being enforced – mainly because those in power don’t want them enforced. So, we have some laws still on our sides, but just like Amazon is ignoring the laws in their fight against unions… the oligarchs continue to have all the control.

There are only 2 ways to change the system…

  • Bottom up via worker strikes and action
  • Top-down via changes to the corporate structure

Re Bottom Up:
Workers can fight and win battles… but Citizen’s United has given corporations even more power to help negate what workers do. Notice how much control Sen. Manchin has over his state and how much power he has given industries (over the lives and welfare of the people and communities) there. Do we really want to be in a constant war – where unions need to shed blood in order to get corporations to do what’s right?

As long as corporations have an overwhelming responsibility to their investors… the courts cannot easily redirect them to take workers – or even the communities that feed them – into consideration for any decisions they make.

Re Top-Down…
The recent changes at the FTC and FCC are some of the most important to happen in decades. Those are Top-Down changes that are changing the trajectory of control within industries. Net neutrality is alive, and right now, there is a general move in the direction we need to change the laws to appoint workers/community reps on the boards… and even undo Citizens United.

Even if you aren’t sure about how important this may be for our financial system or the future of workers… these corporations/oligarchs are becoming so powerful that they can impact the future of humanity! Here is the latest in the most blatant display of how important it is to the future of the world (not hyperbole) that there be checks and balances regarding the directives/boards of corporations…

[story about profit over safety/people that will determine our AI future]


in answer to sciguy24…

Let;s get real. What chance does anyone have to actually get net neutrality passed?
What chance does anyone have to go after big pharma over illegal drug patents?
What chance does anyone have to investigate mega merger anti-trust violations?

100 percent chance RIGHT NOW… are you not seeing the news?

What chance? Now or (maybe) never…


That is how we Get Caught Trying … And succeeding. Rarely things that are worthy happen all on their own. It is time to choose to ACT.

We are Hoperatives