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Hello Team!!

Please see below the Topic Tree with links to the actual discussion of the idea so that you can visit and vote on it. Below every link, you will find an add-on that will let you vote on different polls regarding the topic at hand. Please let me know of any feedback! Thanks in advance:

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1. Civil Rights

1.1 Criminal Justice Reform
1.1.1 Community college prison training programs and liaisons. [user: enduser]
1.2 Discrimination
1.3 Gender Equality
1.4 Homelessness
1.4.1 Over comming issues with land hording and affordable rent
1.5 Private Jails
1.6 Social/Economic Justice & Security
1.6.1 Micro Legislation - #3 by fourthwall_dragon
1.6.2 People with family members with intellectual disabilities need to use FMLA! - #2 by fourthwall_dragon
1.6.3 Why stop at paid family leave? - #13 by fourthwall_dragon
1.7 Women’s/Reproductive Rights

2. Climate Change

2.1 Green Energy
2.1.1 Create federal and state solar and wind farms [by user: over9000]

3. Democratic Process

3.1 End Gerrymandering
3.1.1 Gerrymandering: Another issue that would resonate which Cenk should hit in public

3.2 Money in Politics / Corporatocracy
3.2.1 Money out of Politics, By bypassing the corrupt politicians, Respond to expand on this idea below
3.2.2 Ro Khanna + Matt Gaetz Team Up to Pass Ro's Anti Corruption Bill
3.2.3 Down With The Corruption [by user: jared123456]
3.3 Privatization of Public Services

4. Education

4.1 College for All
4.2 Student Loan Debt
4.3 Public & Charter Schools

5. Foreign Policy

5.1 Immigration Reform
5.1.1 Immigration reform
5.1.2 Temporary housing for immigrants and homeless. [user: enduser]
5.2 International Conflict
5.2.1 Bill proposal to Promote Discussion
5.2.2 Redress government spending on military [user: Over9000]
5.3 Trade Agreements

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Hi forthwall_dragon,

I would like to suggest the topic: Getting Corporate Money Out of Political Campaigns

Until we solve this we will never get back to government of, for and by the people.

Right now all 10 topics will ultimately be decided by corporatists. Or perhaps not at all!


I would perhaps suggest a critical path. The idea of lobby a triage of resources or in other words what are we working on now. Cenks list request would go there perhaps.

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Thanks for your input @htm31 . I could encourage to vote on the new schema that is being put in place, but it is not finished yet. I’ll get back to you on that in like 4 hrs. or so. But I will still encourage you to wait for my reply to see if maybe you might change how you’d vote. I am up for a friendly and productive debate. See you later :wave:


Continuation of Topic Tree

You can cast your vote at TYT’s Discord server too

6. Gun Control

6.1 Background Checks
6.2 Red Flag Laws

7. Health Care Reform

7.1 Drug Price Policy
7.2 Health Care System
7.3 War on Drugs

8. Income Inequality

8.1 Reforming Capitalism
8.1.1 HEMP to make America great again!
8.1.2 Phasing out Income Tax?! Using business interests to fight capitalism?!
8.1.3 SBA & community college partnership initiativefor access to capital [user: enduser]
8.2 Wall Street Reform
8.3 Workers/Union Rights
8.3.1 Change Legal Corporate Structure to include worker representation
8.3.2 Vertically integrating labor and political support systems outside of capitalism
8.4 Higher Minimum Wages
8.5 Tax Reform

9. Religion in Government

9.1 Sexual Morality

10. Media Meta Analysis

10.1 Nefarious Incentive System in MSM
10.2 Neutrality Vs Objectivity

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Dang @fourthwall_dragon , this is gonna be a big one. YOU GOT THIS!


To reframe the idea I hade before regarding critical path. It would be nice if we had a category (call is stage or podium maybe) in the forum that would only turn on when become active when we were active and reset on every project if rotated or sortie.

To reframe again is it possible to take the current mission idea in operation hope and give it a stage so to speak. Ergonomically giving it a category would be nice as previously mentioned. It would be nice if the data migrated from that stage area at the end of the sortie. Into project hope under an appropriate archived category.

The end result is maybe a category where anyone could dip in and out of the project and know when the current efforts are and how we got there.


I think they tried to do what we are talking about here, which is, placeholders for different stages of our projects: kind of like a Kanban board (Pending - In Progress - Done). In our case that would just have more buckets, like: [in discussion - consensus - prioritize - planning - execution - lessons learned] in my opinion.

Being on the Current Mission subcategory works well conceptually in the sense that those would be current missions (In progress on kanban schema) of Operation Hope, but it might be strategically a misstep since they get obscured in the whole discussions of ideas of Operation Hope? That may be the case.

This can be circumvented by (and this is a suggestion and maybe better solutions are at hand) creating a different category for the different stages, and as a standard the name of such categories shoud have the prefix: **Operation Hope - ** or just **OH - ** for the sake of character space.

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What your talking about is more like a Redmine status indicator. What I am trying to say is something more like a virtual dashboard that is a level above this ticket tracker. I have made videos that have outlines of these ideas here: What about a progressive think-tanks? - #43 by enduser

The dashboard direction would allow for the inverse of a ticketing system. The concept would allow everyone to focus excess work capacity in a direction in which we need to focus our momentum. Think of this like a sphere. If you have 2 spheres one is general the other Operation Hope. If you keep that meta you will end up with endless aggregation. What is needed is a way to lobby for things to be focused on say General Discussion or Operation Hope.

The next is the current project discussions in both Operation Hope and General Discussion could make use of a 3rd category. This needs to be the stage or the floor of the senate for instance. This needs to be another category with an ability to act as an space for people to lobby a position that would perhaps gain support by others.

So this would have Cenk’s update Important Update in the as a category with a separate color. This category would be have a project deadline as outlined in the post of Dec 1. Meaning it would clear from this category and be archived much like the Redmine system going from in progress to completed. Maybe in this system it goes back to Operation Hope category.

The idea in the basic form is to highlight all in progress tickets in the information tree at root. Put another way is that the Redmine system has an analog here but what we really need is depth on the ability to generate fertile todo tickets. Then generate support and momentum for in progress tickets.

Think of this idea of a continuous integration cycle for lobbying and allocation stubbed into a forum framework.

I think this maybe a better frame:

If you wanted to see what has been going on here you would have a bunch of reading to do. If someone found the Operation Hope launch thread and the Important Update thread that would be a root frame of this activity recently. This should be in a super pinned category in some capacity or manor. As long as this category didn’t stagnate and had a method for new (TYT requests via Cenk for now) to publish it should drive the forum engagement. Also it may act as a way for us to gain better prioritization of limited resources.

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Hi Forthwall_Dragon,

So you have a plan to digitize all this?

Let me know where I can vote.


Hello @htm31 ,

The Kanban schema is for follow-up of ongoing projects. I will link an example here [Placeholder] for one that I am currently working on. For voting, please expand your subjects of interest on our Topic Tree. There are only Legislation Ideas so far as the scope has been narrowed to that for voting on a top three list of legislation ideas (plus a gauge of the community’s priorities).

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Hi fourthwall_dragon,

I’m already overwhelmed by all the great ideas out there. I believe the single thread across most is that these ideas require that people on both sides unite. The powerful corporate media can prevent many potential efforts from garnering support.

Perhaps somehow a peoples’ media needs to be created, perhaps starting with one single issue that shows strong support, e.g. Medicare for All. Perhaps some squad members could throw support. Then perhaps money can be raised. It will take a lot over time. But can be incrementally built.

Social media might be the place to begin, with the right support and the right pitch, it might be possible to go viral. If and when that happens we would need to work hard as hell to feed that beast and keep it growing.

If NewsMax can create a network, why can’t we the people?


I think the nature of these things is that it’s really hard to know right now. What is going to be possible in the near future? I would hazard a guess that we would be able to get far more in the near future than many would suspect.

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