Compel the Christian

When I went to Catholic School for almost 3 years, it came right after the passing of my father, where I learned that he was Catholic, and for 3 years Jesus Christ was my only connection to my dad.

They only teach you the story of Jesus, what He did, and what kind a person He wanted Christians to be.

I wanted to be Christian so bad, that I’m pretty sure the one time we held a practice ceremony to practice receiving the Body of Christ, that it was to allow me to experience such an event even if only in mock celebration.

And that is as close to being invited to Christianity as I was ever going to get, because while I believed in Christ, no one was willing to go through the headaches of conversion.

My only reconciliation is that I am demonized for exactly the same things my Lord and Savior was persecuted for when He was the only Christian that walked the Earth.

And that Jesus Christ literally had to go and yell at every Christian to make them see the errror of their ways, just so they could have the opportunity to be Christian.
So I follow my Christian Heritage.

I am the one that sat with their girlfriend and actually listened to what she said about her Faith rather than planning my next strategy to get in her pants.

I am the one that knows to put away childish ways to patiently listen to what is being said by those responsible for us.

I am the one that dropped out of college only to continue my education through reading and personal study, applied what I knew to what I believed and reconciled the difference between Faith and Reason.

Adam bit the apple, then blamed it on Eve, and men have been following tradition ever since.
We were cast out of Heaven, both genders, because of what men did.
Yet we still blame women for all of our problems.

I’ll care about abortion when we start caring about sex abuse.

Do not question God’s Design, we should be accepting all of God’s Creations just as they were intended to be.

Christianity has only ever been about willingness and acceptance.

The First Sacred Text of Islam is the Torah and the Second Sacred Text of Islam is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
By Rite of Scripture Muslims should be regarded as Christian not just from the story of Jesus but also the Old Testament.

The Torah proves both Israel and Palestine are destined to live together as neighbors in peace.
It is in both their scriptures to choose the Path of God.

Since 9/11/2001, we have lost our ways, use the Lord’s Name in vain, bare false idols of Christ’s hate, and conflate the issue of One True God.

We are all fighting over the same God, among Jewish, Christian, and Muslim sects, yet we all follow the same Creator.

Jesus Christ was Jewish.

May the Power of Christ compel you.