Decentralized Progressive Party (or small get together)

Ok, everyone is afraid of losing their blue constituents, I understand. I also understand that not all situations will call for a move such as declaring independent to get a fair shake at the ballot box.

It is worth noting if you are trying to escape say… a $6 million dollar smear campaign.

Or getting primaried as a sitting Senator by your own Party.

Might be something worth considering, if you have candidates with enough caliber to get on the ballot.

It is a long strategy that must be planned! $6 fucking million?!
We can combat that for so much less!
Because we can do the homework!
And this time, make sure your constituents know what she stands for, and that anything else is slander!

Organize an internet presence where your social media and community engagement is centralized in an all encompassing official Senator content.

Tell your constituents to check this source before making assumptions, to at least reach out, and have communications teams to help the inflow of needed assurances and and peace of mind.

You want to be prompt, and this team will be able to identify the kind of slander directed at you, so you can coordinate adjustments accordingly.

If you have a source your base to tap, they won’t have to go elsewhere to get information on you.

-The allies

We need solid communication among allies, we need to build professional relationships in an effective matter to get the job done.

Bridges need to be established and reinforced with common politics as a tangible connection in politcal discourse.

Not everyone sees eye to eye, but the only plans that will work are ones we can confidently pull off together! So at least categorize among each other possible avenues of compromise or agreement.

With this list, you’ll be able to bring more in to develop further legislation that will pass, and always offer avenue of discretion, no one wants to be seen working with the enemy.

This one idea, taken by this core group, can be lobbied among Congress, and adapted to other’s concerns.
Never let them counter, take that counter, extract the differences, then from those demands extract a proper compromise to counter with.

Those that don’t show good faith will be subject to constructive negative ad campaigns, attacking elected officials on their official statements not matching their official actions in office.

There needs to be a dossier on every single person in office, including our own!
We need to make sure the ones we have going in there are actually doing their jobs!
And if not, demote them from our unofficial party from the level of influence we loan them.

We are not going to bribe and extort, but people need to earn their way, and the only reason you should need campaign money, is if you have something very specific to do.

Whatever it is, we will help you, within this coordinated effort, you can lay your cards out on the table, and we will chip at them one by one.

And have better faith in our colleagues and the machinations of political intrigue.

This is a game of thrones, you know what that means.

Everything is on the line.

The plans going in need to have consideration to every possible “if, and, or but”.

Logistically speaking, in the programming language, you need a logcat.

A log that catelogues not just the adjustment to a piece of legislation, but why and by whom are the adjustments made for.

Manchin got away with saying the provisions on the Reconciliation Infrastructure Bill were so important that it deserved $6 trillion to saying the American People are fine and don’t need anything at all.

He started hiding behind the “nonpartisan budget committee” Kyrsten Sinema, and they have been tag teaming Progressives at the behest of their Party leading Masters.

All of them.

They’re so shameless now, it’s time to capitalize.
TYT are masters at making bad faith arguments look as bad as they are, and humiliates an official if they suffer the consequences publicly.

That is the bane of the vane, they need to keep appearances to maintain their image, without it, they are bumbling idiots.

It is not difficult in the slightest to defend Progressive Values.
We don’t ever ask unreasonable requests, nothing we wouldn’t ever ask of ourselves if we were in such a fortunate position.
At the very least, let us have our taxes work for us instead of handing it to business for exemptions.

When will Americans be exempt?
Most of us work 60 hours a week.

We’re building cores to get legislation passed.

This isn’t the place to wheel and deal, exchange one vote for another, this is purely good faith politics, you’re either on or you aren’t, and there’s no need to guise your true intentions.

And you are not obligated to go along with plans, meet quotas of agreement or any of that nonsense.
What we will require is that you fulfill the commitments you do make for the vote on the Floor.

If we get something together, and we’re not working in full concert, then you know what happens.
That’s Democratic strategy 101.

As far as your base, you do not have to answer to them.
I feel like Morgan Harper lost her seat because she was too focused on the arena, that she never reported back to her constituents.

A weekly log of what you are trying to get done, understanding that you can’t reveal everything, but at the same time, if something falls apart, people need to know why, and what part you were responsible for, and how you will correct your strategy for the future.

Once a deal fails, there’s no reason to keep it secret, and the knowledge will help the collective in assessing good faith politics in others.

One way of curbing double talk, is if we were more open, we would catch the ones telling people different things causing chaos among the ranks.

It’s a place to take one goal, put as many people on it to maintain the core narrative while negotiating terms.

Add to your list each dossier’s goals or political interests. Use that to lure them to the table if opportunity arises.

Because we are woke ass liberals, it will take time for people to wake up from their own bias and look at the matter seriously.
Do not yield until they do.
Don’t accept any counterargument, until the inquiries are genuine, until those genuine concerns are considered, it is all just political posturing.

And if they say it, they need to be able to back it up publicly. Walk away from people that won’t admit outloud when things are starting to come together if you know you can’t rely on them. You’ll need to have contingency to replace their vote when they betray you.

This will take time, but also much consideration to the skills needed to barter our goals to the finish line.

Don’t need to hold office either.

Cisneros is qualified, and if she’s at the table, when she goes back for another round, she won’t just have reinforced politics, but immediate ally representation from future colleagues that have built trust with you and can have confidence in relying on you when the time comes.

For elected officials helping those needing office, it offers secure candidates to support and back, to rely on for reelection.

There’s a handful of Progressives that didn’t make it. We built Rebellion Pac for them, but adding additional infrastructure to keep them connected will help facilitate coordination of efforts and consolidating the workload for easier management.

So that when Rebellion Pac rolls in, everything just falls into place smoothly, and hits the ground running.

And it will be up to those in office to help shepherd other Progressives of their State, and organize amongst each other as well.

The idea of Rebellion Pac has further implications, say along with donations, elected officials contribute a nomination from their coffers.

While they work on their campaigns and strategies, quick boosts of campaigning throughout the cycle to help boost the volume of our voice by keeping presence in the public makes more sense than trying to give one final summary like you’re making excuses. We don’t at the end have to convice our constituents of what we are doing if we have been including them every step of the way.

AOC is a good example of that, as is Bernie Sanders.

The Senate and House especially, this unofficial Party can be the hub to centralize our national efforts to gain traction of a proposal, protect against slander, or properly promote a piece of legislation we need to pass.

Yes, our supposed Democrat allies should be helping too, but they should be doing as much as us if it was as important, nor should they be asking to take reigns on our operations, or even be part of it.

If they really want to help, they will use their resources and collaborative efforts to support us.

Because what is happening is they are agreeing behind closed doors and making us look like fools when no one can corroborate what you just said.

It is a core lesson of the Reconciliation Infrastructure Deal, those assurances need to be kept, and held in good faith all the way up, because any sign of duplicity means we have to bail ASAP so they don’t keep wasting our time with Manchins and Sinemas!

Am I the only one who feels like a political/electoral solution is just a pipe dream at this point? I’m so sick of this government. It’s so corrupt, dysfunctional and completely unable to deliver anything of substance for the American people. I like what Ana is proposing, building our own networks outside of governemnt to help meet our needs, and not just abortion services. We need to be building mutual aid groups of all kinds. The future is grim and we’re only months away from another fascist sweep of our houses of government. It’s time to wake up and believe the fascists when they tell you what they’re gonna do. Anybody remember those unmarked federal vans yanking folks off the street? Yeah, more of that is coming, and worse.

I will agree with you once we have exhausted all other options.

Strike two for Nina Turner.

Strike two for establishment’s shameless politics.

Americans should be furious entities are throwing millions at our election campaigns.

They do it to substitute the actual job they are supposed to do.

Propaganda only works if the people aren’t wise, at this point in the game, subverting that will be kind of easy.

We can literally telegraph everything that’s going to happen to us, through Nina’s campaigns, through Morgan Harper’s primary challenge.

Rough losses, but ones we need to reevaluate and adapt to as quickly as possible.

We need to grow from this as quickly as possible.

Time is running short, we have one more battle, the Abrams Governorship.

I have laid out a foundation to undermine the compartmentalizing of Progressives.

For brief time, we will also have the upperhand employing such a neo strategy on a wornout political power structure.

They are literally on the verge of collapse, Pelosi, Schumer, Collins, Feinstein… literally deteriorating on the podium before our very eyes.

Winter is gone, all we need to do is push back the White Walkers passed the Wall so they can wallow around their graves while we take back Westeros!

The Red Keep IS possible!

I appreciate your optimism, but we’re whistling past the graveyard here. It’s hard to see what other options we have. If I’m reading your post correctly, our other option is Stephanie Abrams??? Admittedly I have not looked into her record thoroughly, but she’s pretty establishment, right? Even if she were to win her governorship, how would that seriously halt or slow down the fascist onslaught?

the optimism is not blind.

Look at what lengths I will go to.

This is the strategy, I have drawn my line.

I offer thousands in campaign donations if only there is cause just enough to contribute to.

I am tired, don’t think I am not exhausted from pouring my heart out.

Halfway would be to consider my words during the last election.

Anyone taking the steps I layout will surely win the hearts of the people.

I know your doubt, I too feel hopeless.
I still don’t know if anyone reads my shit.

At least I didn’t go quietly into the night.

We all needd silver linings, don’t look to others for hopes of change. For change is the most difficult thing for man, and we should always expect men to fail at what they are most weak at.

Until then, you must build your own personal defenses, find your own safe haven, and do not give more than your heart can risk losing.

The world is full of grifters, and we must be mindful, because Progressives are the easy mark with our fantasies for unicorns and rainbows without any care for anyone else’s profits.

For the good faith actors, you cannot hope to do this alone, and once in power you cannot just look for your own back and let everyone else fend for themselves.

It is all connected, helping each other will help you see more clearly the game at play and will allow for quick countering once we get the hang of identifying patterns among each other’s opposition campaigns.

The establishment is as old as the Industrial Revolution itself, their playbook worn, tired, and wasn’t even thorough to begin with.

The problem is we need to believe that we can come together, or we are lost.