Do you enjoy researching? Join TYT Army's Task Force 2!

Good evening, TYT fam! Is it just me, or is something a bit off lately–you know, like the entire freaking climate? Whether it’s a major heat dome :thermometer:, droughts :cactus:, megafires :fire:, historic floods :ocean:, or 50-degree temperature swings in a matter of hours :hot_face: :cold_face:, we are all experiencing the stuff of nightmares :scream:. But when was the last time the mainstream media covered these events accurately? Do they ever utter the words “climate crisis?” (Spoiler Alert: They don’t.)

Enter Task Force :two:: Research and Reporting :books:. Since the inception of the TYT Army :tyt_army:, we have been setting the record straight on topics like the Green New Deal, the Off Fossil Fuels (OFF) Act, deforestation, environmental definitions, and the environmental policies of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates :earth_americas:. We have so many more topics in the works, but we need your help to churn them out! Just complete this application and select Task Force :two:. You could be making a difference by this time tomorrow!