Framework for Grassroots constituent communication

All things must first be created, and from the source of creation we must choose the most sturdy and stable of grounds to build upon.

The root you wish to grow must be accepted by the soil we know as community. From that community we receive our nutrients, in this case our support from constituents lending their Power of the People to a chosen elector, and the elector takes their stack of support to help boon your voice to the public space and from that nutrition comes expansion.

All my life I have always held door to door campaigning distasteful, when I think political campaigning, it always seemed like a thin veil for fund raising, and I hate fund raising.
The problem is cause, we don’t ever put enough emphasis on the cause, only the money we need to make a cause come true.
But when has that ever happened? When have we ever been successful at throwing money at problems at making them go away? No way, give a mouse a cookie as they say.
And that is why you immediately want to slam the door on strangers faces, as soon as they say something about donations or people needing saving.
If all you do is grift or judge, that is all people will eventually see, and then even the noblest of causes will only make sounds of deception and subterfuge.

Politics needs no money when you have constiuents that believe thier political leaders. People are not unreasonable that politicians shouldn’t be able to make some minimum effort to maintain their base informed and upto date on current policies and campaign promises.
Mailing your elected official seems a joke to me when we live in the 21st century and have much better platforms to facilitate communication between the leader and the people. Why are we not using official online forums so constituents can speak not only to their elected official but also to their base as well? Would it not be prudent to show your people that your integrity means something? Should we not show good faith by giving transparency to your narrative to everyone?
The problem is politicians have so many openings they actually talk out of, you never know what to actually believe.
Keeping and maintaining a forum is pretty straight forward, done thoughtfully and we can have policies and action organized by thread, admins help ensure topics are relavent or found in the appropriate section of the forum.
Account creation and identity verification will be important, verification required if your voiced concern is to be officially counted as an opinion of our constituent. Constituent will always be refered as citizens directly under your leadership and nothing to do with political affiliation or whether they voted for you. Constituent opinions will always be addressed, but polls we attach to our topics will only be allowed to be used by constituents.
Polls should be accounted by : local area, county, and state.
All users must verify identification before being allowed to engage, however all accounts will be able to access the content without submittal permissions.

Obviously, you need a social media team, but this is your best avenue to keep in touch with your constituents and community, as well as giving them access to you. The latter is the most important to both parties, as maintaining the people’s access to you open ensures faith in your constituents that you are a good faith actor; that is the most critical part of your political career, ensuring that you do speak for the people, that you act on their best interest, and that doesn’t mean doing things that they won’t like because you think it’s for your own good. The best leaders have people that loyally follow them even if mistakes happen; don’t concern yourself of having such loyal subjects but taking the actions of a leader that strives to earn that loyalty from their people; and damn the results, like looking at your tips while your serving tables, you shouldn’t because a bad tip might negatively affect your attitude towards your other patrons, and that’s how you lose out on your 20%; so does the support from your base gets affected.
Like they always say, if you build it they will come.

Organization and Planning Infrastructure for Community Forum and Social Media Centralizing is the missing piece to the Progressive Movement. Our elected officials needs clear lines of communication between citizen and politician and transparency of candor among the base.

Less talking around and directly answering the people, and politicians can worry more on their own behaviors and policies than their peers.