Framework: local politics media management

A critical component of this campaign, narrative control, encompasses not just policy we wish to communicate, but also consideration to how best amplify that message, and most importantly, protect it from slander.

First, maintain the local narrative. It is not enough to debunk misinformation or mischaracterization of our viewpoints.
This “base of operations” is the stable foundation to build integrity and stability to political campaigning.
So long as the news coming from the source is being engaged openly and kept in public view, false narratives will be impossible to fabricate if the public conversation remains constant and focused.

In order to do this, obnoxious qualities are our strength. How much are commercials? People don’t utilize them as much as they used to, there’s availability to get word out in bursts of 30 seconds.
This would be a great tool for spreading fact checks of local opposition, debunking, and effectively neutralizing negative media.
Address all negative media, keep eyes and ears open on the local level, never let accusations go unanswered, no matter how ridiculous, and explain why.

Always explain why, in all things.
This is the way.

From there, you have outside local politics, state and national, both coordinating with local so they can ultimately allow local to effectively manage a media campaign from a centralized location, utilizing base from the state level, TYTArmy, and resources on the national, wolfpac.

This way, everyone’s business is situated at home, and can be managed from there.

But wait, there’s more!
We have to track slander back to it’s source, both because of opportunities to expose our opponents, and intelligence on where propaganda is coming from.
We must add to the risk for taking such brazen and deceitful tactics to hesitate using such strategies.
“Why would you say that?”

Remember the game where you would annoy someone by just saying “why?”? Same principle, but make sure you are actually asking a real “why” question, use full sentences and add appropriate context.
“Why did you say the Progressive provisions are in the Bill when we had already negotiated them out? That in fact that is why the 6 Justice Democrats voted no for the Bill, how can you justify blaming Progressives for being unreasonable?”

Mainstream media won’t know what hit them.