Getting my funds ready

Katie Hobbs and Ruben Gallego have their donations set for midterms in terms of my state, otherwise I have a campaign promise to keep for the future Governor of Georgia, perhaps the most astute politician Progressives have seen since Bernie Sanders. And I don’t say that lightly, if you’ve read her books, or hear her speak, you’ll witness for yourself the depth Stacey Abrams brings to the foray.

How long has she been making a name in politics? Her bravery brings courage to women and Black women everywhere. Even I see the representation, the fire, the female nurturer deceptively soft but necessarily unbending when it comes to your health and wellbeing.
She makes the Georgian alphas shit their pants and make pitiful attempts at dominance behind closed locked doors and nervous sweat and countdown stares trying to pull reckless maneuvers in the eye of the public.
Not even the glitz and glamour of mainstream media can cover the weak and pathetic attempts of our “powerful men”.
Do all rich people just lock themselves up in the safest, yet indefensible location possible?
They need to illegally arrest elected officials for doing their job to get enough peace and quiet to sign and photo op.

And that’s why you could learn a thing or two from this coming race for governorship.
It’s been a long time coming, Stacey has been meticulously lining her ducks up in rows, almost like dominos, but no, they’re strung up like machine gun ammunition, designed to lay automatic fire on a woefully unprepared enemy.
They know she’s coming, but alphas don’t do well with guerilla warfare.
Just ask the British.

That’s three, is there anyone I’m missing?
I would like to give annually to a greater pool of Progressives, however I would need to see some inhouse coordination before that happens.

Just saying.

I promised before midterms was over, that I would ensure funding to our last standing candidates, and now we approach the final stretch, I am making sure such contributions come in time to make it count.

I have only read one Stacey Abrams book, I would recommend you do the same and witness for yourself the depth inquisitiveness brings.

She is destined to be the Governor of Georgia, for she knows the most important part of the election campaign and perhaps most of life: preparation.

Are you prepared for the arena you head in to? Do you know your enemy, are you able to telegraph now your opponents first few moves, and are you prepared to think on your feet should prediction fail you at any point of the way?

Are you planning your tactics on the field, or strategy for the war?
You must have your eyes on both.

Stacey Abrams is our only hope for Progressives. Godspeed your Excellency, destiny awaits.