Give and take, my time is done

Northern Arizona Politics have come to see reason on firefighting reform, Police reform, and our local economy.

It took a conversation on gun rights, the need for background checks, and how everything else wouldn’t matter so much if we had good sense gun laws.

It is undermined by the fact that I got kicked from every Democrat chatroom earlier this year for starting one conversation on one of them.

The Arizona Progressive Movement kicked me because I won’t support Mark Kelly, who has done nothing but support Sinema when we tried to censure her.

One foot in the door, and out of another, and I see now that Democrats are at fault polarizing politics with “vote blue no matter who.”

2% increase in corporate tax was too good for the people, that means if you vote blue, your balls will turn blue too.

Fuck the Democrats, the Progressive handlers, the ones that think Progressive Caucus means a cock in Progressive’s ass.

Fuck this Party.

Mark Kelly’s only move was to not support Kyrsten Sinema’s Censure initiated by Representative Gallego.

It would have stopped short of the Governor’s desk anyway, and the fact that Mark Kelly refused to even admit Sinema’s corruption is a hard pill to swallow.

Ruben Gallego still is the only Progressive that actually ACTS like one, while Katie Hobbs deserves her seat on the merit of keeping secure our elections as Secretary of State.

She was the one pulling the strings, getting the record straight, doing everything by the book and seemingly by herself.

Looked like a wreck when she was done, but she took on the entirety of the Trump Administration dammit, and she got the job done.

Other than that, we have Speaker of the House Bowers that has not only stood up for voting rights but abortion too believe it or not.
What I consider good faith politics.

As a Republican, my endorsement of Bowers hurts, but if he is willing to stop from extremism over abortion, than there must be reason elsewhere too!

Deep dive and see what I say is true!