Help support the new efforts to Enforce Anti-Trust!

Thankfully, there is new movement to investigate and act on anti-trust violations. However, it’s the first time in years that there is any action, yet it’s likely to have a lot of push-back. There needs to be a big show of support that the people are behind these actions and to prevent them from being stopped.-- or worse – reversed.

It also needs to be expanded to include a means of controlling the devastation that is being wreaked on existing businesses by private equity firms. Private equity ventures have been responsible for trashing both jobs and small businesses.


The Panama papers showed how private equity is attempting to get foreign governments in to a debtors prison situation. They have extremely predatory practices that reflect very poorly on us collectively.

There is a huge education hurdle as well. Industry always claim it makes them less competitive. I would say this plays on the average persons ignorance of our situational awareness. Many of our companies have very little global competition. Also if broken apart they aren’t at a competitive disadvantage that most would be if not located in the US. This is largely due to access to talent, information, and liquidity.

These efforts are very important in my opinion.