Hey! Can we get back to House Rep here?

Shontel Brown is vacating the House Seat, how does that seat get replaced? That primary happened, who won the House Rep primary seat?

What are the rules for independent candidates?!

There is another election, the General, that Independents usually have to have access to, by another signature to get on ballot, whole nine yards!

Az is June 11, that’s when nomination papers are due, and that’s when you can start campaigning… whatever that means. Still fuzzy on ballot requirements, but all states have to have something like that!

Same goes for Harper!

If there’s an out then there’s nothing to be sentiment over, let’s blow this popsicle stand!

Or snicker vein, or whatever you’re into.
I guess I’ll go… potential abortion. Appropriate, pro choice and I still chose life 3 times like an idiot!
Don’t tell my kids I said that.
Or my wife.
I’m not going to get in trouble, it just means you’re a dick.
I mean snickers.

You people did this to yourselves.

Ready to dust yourselves and try again people?

That’s right, come on.
I’ve committed two grand every year until we get this right.

We still have Abrams, but let’s be honest with ourselves, this is the first time we have ever fought, and we jumped in the ring at te end of the match, hoping to turn the tide at the eleventh hour.

Abrams will be no different.

Because we have not until now started seeing clearly the field of battle, did not consider the arena which we fought or the actual challenges we faced.

We joked about it, but only now has it become so disgustingly palpable.

And now they want us to swallow.

Get Rebellion Pac ready, I’m dropping a grand on Abrams anyway, let’s see how far we can take this.
Call it means testing.

Alright, ready for constructive criticism?
Don’t let it pain you too much, remember, we are just now opening our eyes little dragonette, understand that we must have experience in taking attacks; things will get easier when we learn to counter more effectively.

Ohio Independent sign ups ended May 2 for General Elections.
5,000 signatures to get on the ballot and completely circumvent the primary election.

5k signatures for Nina Turner is a cake walk.

Should be the same for Harper.

Lame that the House of Representatives deadline for Independents is also May 2, effectively keeping Nina out of that race.

Still unclear who takes the House seat, or the fact that there’s absolutely no coverage on it AT ALL.


Next time Rebellion Pac rolls in, coordinate with the candidate and see if you can incorporate their funding to maximize efficiency of campaign spending.

We need to walk in ready, communicated with our candidates BEFORE the gates open.

Have the candidate meet personal requirements before support (call it pre support, we don’t just say “get gud”, we’ll provide the homework to give you your best chances).
Signatures, exposure, give them a playbook of what needs to be accomplished, and what areas would best benefit extra effort.

Start building this playbook now, because we will need it time and time again as we start putting real focus into the fight, and prepare the foundation to build the Progressive Party and have real representation once and for all.

I need you dragons, now more than ever.
We are going to lose quite a bit, but if we keep our heads up and pay attention to our situation, then we will find a way to overcome our position.
We only need to find an opening and take advantage of the vulnerability!

Dragons cannot die. Our scales are too tough, our hearts too strong, and people think we’re figments of their imagination.
You can’t kill dreams.
We’ll only turn to nightmares if you try.

And if it wasn’t clear, we absolutely need a Progressive Party.

Ohio will rue the day they forced both Progressives from Ohio governance.

Harper was one of our best, she should have secured that seat on her own merit.

That means we have to acknowledge our biggest threat: smear politics.

Until we can expunge people like Jimmy Dore from the Progressive narrative, these feckless wannabes will keep ruining our messaging as we have to constantly call people out on their claims of Progressive Dore bullshit.

People should regret trying conflate bad faith commentary onto our so-called “woke ideals”.
But we can’t have our people punching people in the face everytime they hear Jimmy’s name.
We can however embarrass people by asking them if Jimmy Dore is progressive, then why does he still have vaccination hesitancy?
Just because he’s vaccinated doesn’t mean he’s a liberal, that would mean Tucker Carlson is a liberal too, or Donald Trump.

Almost like punching people in the face, and you can walk away without any worry about being in the wrong.
That’s not to say you yourself are not asking to get punched in the face, just know that it is a risk you take, and you can either take the hit and gain the public’s favor, or be ready with a counter so swift that onlookers will cower at the sight of someone trying to hit a wall and ended up on floor because they put their full weight into it thinking it would collapse like a fake wall.

Just a few examples of how to protect yourself from the woke mob hysteria and accusations.
As if being “woke” was like being a “witch” in Salem, Massachusetts.

Except Dragons aren’t the ones getting burned.
Because we have been playing “nice” for two decades.
No one deserves nice, everyone is on the fucking naughty list.

We need to start now if we’re going to have enough coal for Christmas.
Just saying.

Clear out the Progressive Movement with clear and concise messaging.

Living wages, affordable housing, and universal healthcare are not just human rights, but the very definition of a First World Nation.

Climate Action, for the sake of our future environment and commerce. Cyclical economies will help with keeping the planet clean and bring increased equity into our market with significant and permanent boosts to our economy in both employment and monetary value.

Due cause, due process and due diligence. We don’t need laws that violate civil rights, not for the Drug War, not for immigration, and not for the inherent reason of the fact that it affects people of color than it does whites.

It is both unnecessary and unbecoming of our law enforcement. Continually ignoring the pleas of your community means a disregard to the oaths you have sworn to uphold, to serve and protect. We must have honor in duty.

Good sense gun laws like background checks are necessary to ensure our Second Amendment Rights.

Maintain a solid narrative that cannot be conflated, and we can clear much of this distraction by simply focusing on our own message, so that it may project and carry above the distortion, and deliver a strong message that will carry far and wide.
And as we repeat our message, the cadence of the truth and the unwavering loyalty to represent that honesty will infect minds with the melody of our politics.

It will be catchy, as catchy as a lego movie tune, and people won’t be able to help but harmonize to it.

It’s got a ring to it, and the lyrics aren’t half bad.

We’re rockstars, everyone knows it. Who doesn’t want to hang out with dragons?

I will jump start Rebellion Pac, if I have to write a whole damn book then so be it!

Rise dragons, it’s time to fly!

Two ways to start a political party, through a state or federal recognition.

Federal Party procedure is more unofficial, but one TYT can easily pursue with Wolfpac and Rebellion pac under the belt. We can build on that until we get recognized.

In the meantime, we can also establish state minor political parties where we can, and later join them once we have a national convention to link up to.

And Ohio is the perfect place to do it, because I can think of no better president and vice president of an Ohio Progressive Party than our very own Nina Turner and Morgan Harper.

Between those two, they can organize their signatures across the districts necessary to get on the ballot next cycle.

6 years for Senator, why you guys vote for both Senators at the same time is beyond me, but that means 6 years before that seat opens up.

Those two are overqualified for House of Reps, and instead of taking everything on our own, let’s empower, embolden, and embue upon our lieutenants loyal and dedicated with the charge of command.

As you start the Party, aiming for Senate seats, bring along with you your top governing candidates to meet constituents and offer foundations of transparency and trust.

Grooms our hopefuls, learning alongside heroes and icons. Don’t shy from that, we want to reflect what they see in us upon them. Show them that their admiration is only recognized in us, but must also originate from those that understand such greatness.
Not for us, but for them we must take the seat of power, we do it humbly in respect to the subjects we serve, but your humility needs to end with your people.

Right now you hang your heads from loss.
$3 million, that is what we were up against.

We can curb much of that with preparation. Prepare our base for the onslaught, and third time’s the charm for Nina Turner.

We will take back Morgan Harper’s Bunker Hill with swiftness unlike anyone has seen since the analogy itself.
Build your mobile barricades now, to march up the hill and shield from attacks, and take back that Senate seat even easier than when you first took that seat to begin with.

Those barricades are the tactics we have ready, a base more resilient to smear politics, reinforced with two elections of political maneuvering BS, with nothing to show for it.

Start now, because your words will sting most during the fanfare of empty victories.
“Look how they gloat, expect them to do nothing.”
And keep reminding them on how much you are right.

By the time the next cycle rolls around, we can detach Biden’s reelection from clearing student loans and the Political Party easy enough, so long as we maintain pressure during the off season, so they can’t claim imaginary successes.

Repetitiveness, it’s annoying for some, but some can’t stand it because it exposes them. As good faith actors, we need to be repetitive. Like I said before, we need to carry our message above the distortion and constantly so people get that catchy song inside their head.

To remind people that Progressives never change, only the narratives focused around us.

Green New Deal.
Build Back Better.
Kyrsten Sinema and Shontel Brown.

Burn it, burn these narratives to the ground, and raze every propaganda machine targeting us woke ass liberals.

Let’s show these fools how awake our liberal asses are!

Turner and Harper, Party in Ohio!

TYT, loud and proud until they finally recognize us, and believe me, they will try to ignore us just as they did for the last 20 years.
Starting a nationally recognized third party, one with actual power and influence, will meet more criticism than any other party has faced. Establishment thinks they already took care of contending influence decades ago.

Because we have never tried something like this, they will literally use every trick in the book to slow you down.
Make them regret such actions, and be vicious. There must be consequences if we wish the harassment to stop.
Put these bullies in their place.

But here is the magic of independent campaign strategy, we circumvent the primary.

It’s not canvassing numbers, it’s premeditated nomination.

It’s going to be anywhere from 1-3% of registered unaffiliated voters, maybe you need signatures from half your districts, but whatever it is, there is avenue for independents to reach the people so long as you have impossible odds.

Not impossible, if we are prepared, if our base is also prepared for the strategy to follow the long game, so long as the course stays true and transparent.

Because look what happens at primaries.
I will compromise with this, if you get challenged, say twice, even by the same primary challenger for a different seat!..

Nah, just playin, if you lost your last election in a primary, if you had the momentum, and by TYT standards, not BS state requirements, then that candidate must prepare to run again, with better preparation, both candidate and constituent.

Strategy is two fold, first, make sure you follow everything they do, mark their actions in full, and when you dissect it for your constituents and public inquiry, you can zoom to your parts, but allowing full data access for full scrutiny.

There are many ways to portray the corruption of your politicians, but people don’t always understand you the first time, so repetition in different ways will help paint the picture of your opponent.

Fold two, compare that to what you are going to do, what obstacles are in the way, and provide examples every step of the way… Progressives are too keen on empty words, we always require substance for that reason.

It’s been over two decades since mandatory raises, no one even knows they even existed, even I’m not supposed to know, I started bussing officially when I was 16, grew up in a restaurant since I was 8, and bartending by 19. I am more comfortable working a bar than drinking at one.

Most of you don’t even know what a decent life is!
And I do not know how to show you what we as Americans have lost.
A culture, where we didn’t have to give a shit if we just did our jobs.
We had living wages, and housing was not yet an issue.
healthcare was metrosexual in the 90s, real men built character by risking their lives whenever they had the opportunity.
Because it made us men, Speed, The Rock, Operation:Swordfish, any reason to bust in guns blazing and get the girl at the end!

All it took was 50¢ per hour raise every six months.
Chump change, get you to a living wage in under two years.

Now I have to make you believe fairy tales!
It was real dammit!
Dragons of all walks of life roamed free to pursue happiness!

That’s why we called it “Land of the Free”!
You earned your freedom!
You can’t earn shit anymore!

We shit in paper bags people!
Being sacrificed to tornado gods!
Doesn’t even come with benefits!

One more candidate.

And we must focus our attention on Stacey Abrams, and her bid for Governorship alone.

Ohio was hoodwinked, Georgia will also be suspicious if Warnock’s ratings has anything to do with it.

Because Georgian’s understand the gravity of the situation, Warnock just got played by Kelly in writing a bill that no one would support.

Georgia is another state that could use unification.
Warnock needs to leave the Party, in order to save his career, and minimize the blama for his inaction.

Couple that with Stacey Abrams, championed by none other than Cori Bush, American Champion for keeping roofs over America’s heads.

Georgia sees clearly, see if Booker sees clearly too.
Or I may be holding on to bias, both of those two were in campaign ads with Mark Kelly, but Kelly hoodwinks Arizonans keeping his associations with Sinema discreet.

Dammit! Asterisk on the Senators, Get Abrams and Bush together, run your no nonsense campaign, and for this one, Rebellion Pac should allow Stacey to take the lead!

I’ve read her books, she has been working towards qualifying herself as Governor, and that means her base and strategies are solid!

Try to help her see blindsides and vulnerabilities to both the system of gerrymandering and suppression, to literally ANYTHING ELSE!

Are we testing water for lines?

I sure as hell hope so! I’d like to see so many arrests that they can’t even put everyone in enough jail cells, even if crammed!

Then, after this, sit down a actually coordinate a strategy among the real Progressives without any interference from the Caucus.

Then we’ll make hell in the Caucus, maybe actually take it over?

I don’t know, if we even make it to post Abrams talks, I’m sure everyone still has to work through their doubts.

Democrats have really done a number on us, haven’t they?