Hey Georgia! Az has your voting rights!

Inconvenience for the sake of election integrity isn’t considered voter suppression.

That is the ruling, so let us consider:

Making polling stations run understaffed and without the necessary budget to help ensure polling stations close on time is actually harming the security of elections in Georgia.

There should be enough funding to provide enough resources to ensure Americans vote on time and ballots be secured, collected, and processed for counting.

To make Georgians wait that long is more than an inconvenience, and it directly harms Georgia’s ability to run safe elections, now that the Supreme Court has ruled in such a manner, inconveniences for election security should not be an issue.

If it inconveniences Georgia to do so, there is nothing we can do, because it is for the sake of election security that we act for voting rights.

And from there we may spread like wildfire for those closing polls past reasonably safe.
Anywhere after 30 minutes past closing is unsafe I would say, hour most. If you can’t, increase funding for before the next election.

For the sake of election security, inconvenience shall not stand in the way of voting rights.

Arizona’s inconvenience likewise cannot interfere with election security of our sibling states, and Georgia, needs more voting rights than Arizona.

Let Az take one for the team on this one, it would be our honor.