How I fight for LBGTQ+

Do you know why identity is so important? Because men, for as long as we have dominated, refuse to acknowledge identities of that we don’t find acceptable.

It may come in the form of impoliteness, or being rude, and it can escalate to lynching.

Take women and homosexuality for example, it wasn’t just if you were gay you would be despised, any friend of homosexuality would be discreetly excommunicated from the culture.

I blame the male gender for people to take to such extremes to just identify themselves as to who they want to be.

They would be fine in our bathrooms if we didn’t make it so hostile.

We’ve seen drag for a long time now, I have a hard time seeing the hate because allies do not receive the backlash from either side. Allies are ignored like elephants in the room, and are largely untouched and ignored. We can stop escalation, and people directly avoid conflict with us, as we have legitimacy to them because we cis stay in our lanes.

wtf ever, I’m just telling you how it is, and the reason I go hard on the men vs. trans rhetoric.
Blaming men is exactly how you get under the skin, and there is truth in the claim.
Men don’t allow identities we don’t find acceptable, it could be something as trivial as baggy pants, or dressing like the opposite sex.

Because we can’t even have THAT!
All people want to do is be who they feel they are!
Trans? You mean a gay person that dresses drag, or do they have to be gay, or why does it even matter?!

Because men made it so, we won’t allow anything, we have barely allowed women and minorities rights less than a century ago! And that’s was only under the presumption that nothing was going to change!

How can you not blame us?!

As an ally, after speaking to my trans friends and considering the conflict they face, I believe this is how the trans community would want me to fight the frontline.
This is why I bring them up, to put us in our place.
Correct me if I’m wrong.

Its all about controlling other people, its disgusting. in the land of the free and home of the brave people seem to want to suppress and shame quite a lot.

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In fact this issue is an international one.

The same issue where women are replacing men.
What does that even mean?

It means our most dominant males are scared of people better qualified than them, because they got into power the old fashioned way, the boys club.

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Exactly its just weak people trying to be “strong” to keep their positions instead of improving

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This is why I was cut off from Live Chat, as was the concern we don’t promote hatred against trans, and I was not.
I am merely pointing out men’s failure to protect people’s identities that we have to come to such measures as surgical sex change.
Their body their choice, if you had a problem with it, you should have said something when sex change became reality TV.

Real girls, and I know there are many that feel this way, appreciate competition, and would take any chance they got, because they have been trying to get into men’s arena for a chance at a real title for ages!

That was what the women’s movement was about! No trans in women’s sports? You hold yourselves back the same way we do when you do that!

Let’s hope I get an answer before this incident happens again, because I’m not stopping because of a little hurt feelings, progress needs to be made, trolls need painful truths, and men have earned their vehemence. Ask any one of us, equality won’t be had until THIS particular stereotype is cut down to the level it deserves to be.

Men think that “men are dominant” is still acceptable even in the 21st century.
We need to metaphorically pull the belt out for this one.
Just saying.

Anyone know if there’s a lgbtq or trans specific side of tyt? would love to meet other trans folk within the tyt nation :blossom:

The community is not yet that congealed. I’m not sure how many know about the discussion board, the Live Chat itself is a mess of general sentiment, but action is vague, demands a spark, demands fuel, and demands wind.
Grassroots is difficult, and the foundation laid down is more contextual than practical.

Once one is established, I hope this makes it’s way to the frontlines, I feel like I’m an Imperial defector sometimes, calling out weaknesses in my own defenses.

“You want to hit them here, this is where their ships are most vulnerable. Once damaged, send an ion attack and disable their shield generators. Avoid flank barrages if possible.”

Do you know why there are so many “genders”?
Because men made those fucking names up just because we didn’t like what you were doing.

You like the color pink? Gay.
You wear ornaments in your hair, gay.
Dresses, you’re fucking trans.
Why the fuck would skirts matter?
Kilt? Hand me a Kiltlifter because I’m ironically going to call you gay as I pound my kiltlifting beer… that men only wear.

Why the fuck does it matter?
The military said it mattered in the 80’s, all it did was break morale, while we have trans service people to this day that give their all and keep their identities secret all for the sake of your damn freedoms.
How about you show some God damn respect?

It is about identity, not sexuality, not fucking ever, that was always and only the Church!

You want to go after pedophiles, go after the clergy and protect the altar boys!
You ask why homosexuality is accepted, the Church is the FIRST TO ALLOW IT IN THEIR HOUSE!

And we never go after clergy that lust over boys.
Because it’s in the name of God?
Because Richard Gere did it in Primal Fear?
Don’t blame the LBGTQ+ community, they walked away from YOUR house of worship.

That is YOUR flock.

Men, you complain about being gay, you complain about going trans, but not once do we go after the clergy lusting over altar boys, and you’re perfectly fine with using slogans like “my body my choice”.

Take a good look bro, who’s fucking fault is it?

Remember who the last real man for boomers were.
We don’t care that we have to praise Pretty Woman or Primal Fear, not even gerbiled asses can make us stop loving Richard Gere.

Because you love the Dick.
Does it feel exactly how it sounds?
This is why men need to be fucking careful, always at risk of making ourselves look like God damn idiots!