How I get my TYT through the youtubes

This routine is recent, one developed with the current youtube channel setup for the TYT network.

The change is the end of the show. I now have access to go back and watch what I missed after the show (or start from the beginning, but then you couldn’t really participate in Live Chat, and… I’ve tried) but the access only lasts as I stay on the stream.

My favorite was John’s old set up on TDR. While the stream kicked you off when it was done, the uncut version would automatically be available for the day, but the edited version would be swapped and it was very convenient.

Now, if I miss anything, I have to wait until evening, the main show at least has a replay, so I get two opportunities to watch, and if I’m late I can go back.

Feedback given, I’m not complaining, the world can wait, I have to catch up on the news so I can educate people, you have no idea how… educational TYT can be.
Or maybe you do, maybe you know how terrified people are of dragons!