Important Update

Fabulous! Thanks everyone!


the application does have the option to require email registration to prevent multiple votes from one person. if we want a better way of preventing multiple votes per individual, Google Forms is a better option. also, RankedVote requires a subscription for embedding so maybe Google Forms makes more sense.


I am nominating @marcoantonio for the role of submission of the consensus vote to Alison.

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If no one else is nominated by 5pm pst we will notify @marcoantonio and he should delivery shortly after.

Marco Antonio has won defacto, he has been notified. He should deliver by posting results of the consensus poll to this post.

Here’s the poll results for ya @alison_hartson


Sorry to spam you guys, I put him up to it. I was confused at how we were delivering the results. Marco maybe doing it next time. This looks good to me thanks everyone!

I think it might be wise to have a second round of refinement discussion and additions of detail to some of these ideas.

What is this for exactly? This isn’t for what Cenk was asking for, is it? I’m a bit confused by this.

Thanks for all your help with this! Am I still waiting for Marco to post, or have I missed something? I haven’t seen him in this discussion so I’m also confused about this.

@Galphar posted results in here: Important Update - Operation Hope / Current Mission - TYT Discussion Boards

Marco went to sleep before the post was able to happen. Marco will likely deliver the posts in the future. That list he posted is the top poll results 1-3 so I think it would qualify for the posts criteria Cenk provided. Galphar stepped up and helped to post this time.

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@alison_hartson Here are links to the top 3 issues from the poll:

  1. Gerrymandering: Another issue that would resonate which Cenk should hit in public
  2. Money out of Politics, By bypassing the corrupt politicians, Respond to expand on this idea below
  3. Over comming issues with land hording and affordable rent

That looks great!

Gotcha - So I’m reading this poll as asking people what they want to talk about, which is quite different from what Cenk is asking for. Are they aware of what we’re working towards in regards to Cenk’s request, or are they in fact simply saying what they want to talk about?

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So this is a good point. So I think the way this should work is that you take the bigger list to TYT proper. Then you guys pick amongst say 6 options that you would like us to build out. Then we could have a detail round for each. This could consist of a revote. Also I think we must have TYT define scope in the frame.

Meaning these ideas could be draft legislation or platform positions but how we treat each would differ.

Can you guys work up some descent plans for those 3 issues tonight @enduser & @fourthwall_dragon ? Nothing to elaborate just a nice basic plan for each and then post them in here for @alison_hartson ? Then maybe we can dig deeper into each issue later

Tonight maybe a bit of an ask. I need 2-3 days if possible. Maybe others feel defiantly.

Nothing Elaborate. Just basic. Further details on the plans can be worked out later

You already have the Issue. Now you just need (b) whether it’s at the federal level or other, and (c) WHY you think it should be the one we focus on.

The conversations are in each topic. Pros and cons were discussed: I can map those for @alison_hartson.

I noticed the question, but it was too late to tell, but the question can (and maybe does) aim to the community’s hot legislation ideas. I take aim to the fact that voting occurred with the headers being the driving force behind the voting rather than the ideas themselves.

I haven’t shared any of my ideas yet as none of them are legislation ideas. But that will be for later.

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