Justice Republicans 4 'real' Bipartisanship

We need progressives & ‘real’ moderates to run as #JusticeRepublicans on a promise of #bipartisanship w/ #JusticeDemocrats
With their Platform being:
:white_small_square: anti-corruption
:white_small_square: anti-Trump
:white_small_square: election integrity
[hijacking GOP’s big lie, instead alluding to the GOP’s real, & continued, attempts to rig election]
:white_small_square: restoring gun rights to the wrongfully convicted, & ‘partial’ rights to felons that have paid their dues
[restricted to pistol/shotgun w/ GPS for home defense, alluding to being ‘well regulated’]
:white_small_square: funding Artificial Wombs & innovation for jobs, jobs, jobs
[AND to rip the #prolife talking point out of the cold, UNdead, hands in the GOP]
:white_small_square: funding Artificial Trees w/ Oxygen Conversion
[so we can mitigate global warming, ‘while’ still letting Americans have their oil & choke on it too]
:white_small_square: suggest ‘employing’ immigrants to start up a business ‘instead’ of deporting them…
[having always been the literal source of opportunity in America & lifeblood of small businesses for a competitive market]

We need to tear the talking points of bipartisanship & socialism from the mummified husks of these corporate socialist lickboots, who think they can continue to misrepresent the ‘playing field’ & prevent America from ever moving forward together, so we can not only take back & make our market free once more, but also take back our country from those attempting to overthrow it so they can finish what Hitler started… :triumph:
Worse case, by splitting the, so called, ‘conservative’ vote would result in a conservative Dem, but even 10 more Manchins would still be better than having a single seat further desecrated by these GQP fascists…

Republicans don’t care about giving people back their rights so much as keeping the community safe. Or so goes the rhetoric, stick to background checks and moving the legal age to 21 and promise them that those two measures will keep the woke mob off their guns.

We already have a means to convert commercial grease waste into biodiesel. Get fossil fuel to redirect their campaign contributions toward government funded research to find a solution to turn grease waste into our alternative combustion fuel.
Not only does this clear much of the corruption, but fossil fuels will have the patents to effectively transition toward a better and sustainable economy.
Keep the woke mob off their gas.

We need to tax our undocumented workers, plain and simple. Get them to pay their taxes, and at this point, no one is even expecting a path to citizenship.
We can’t protect our borders if we constantly have loopholes in order to cover for the dependency we share with our underpaid labor.

Whatever talking points you choose, make sure you can repeat at nauseum, to overwhelm the echo chamber they find themselves in.