Kasparian vs. Shapiro

Someone posted the whole debate on youtube, and right off the bat I’d like to say how impressed I was with Ben Shapiro. That has got to be the most coherent arguments he’s ever put together, I liked how he checked himself when he started to interrupt, nor were his points as extreme as it is in every other thing I see him in.

There was one point where it got pretty heated, really the second point where things started escalating, where that moderator just masterfully steers the conversation back on the rails.
I honestly think that guy might have done better than Chris Wallace for the Trump vs. Biden debate, these conservatives don’t mess around!
And I like it! I didn’t know conservatives like this still existed!

Whoever that organization is, they seemed to have represented the conservative side rather well, though I’m curious to know Ana’s take on the full experience, but I haven’t seen that kind of decorum since John McCain.

That debate was set up nicely, and even though that room was filled full of conservative blue bloods, Ana managed to grab some applause from the room a few times, and even a few stifled ones, as if people forgot themselves, and it was magnificent!

It was like Ana walking into the lion’s den, and the lion scoots over so she can wait out the rain.

Ana Kasparian, you are my hero.

Cenk, I love Ana’s salty solos, but you sir have no problem lighting up the room all by yourself, making sure people know who the boss is.
Of course!

Slaying it dragons, breathing fire and defying reality.
We do exist.


So awesome we got the full debate on TYT! The second time watching was just as good as the first, and as skeptical as I have tried to remain, I cannot help shake the reason Shapiro would put this together.

I don’t think he’s stupid enough to think that he could roll over Ana Kasparian, from what Ana said, the debate took place at the behest of the organization, they chose Shapiro, and Shapiro chose Ana as his opponent.

If that wasn’t weird enough, Ben Shapiro also left the vitriol at home, which is… I thought that attitude was required when talking to the Left, especially us radical progressives.

And yet… yes, I recognize that his talking points were not anything but shortsighted viewpoints, but let’s not forget that Shapiro was representing the conservatives that organized that debate, and he portrayed clearly the sentiment of the audience. He was doing his job, but even more impressive, he actually gave progressives a moment for progressives to be heard by the conservative base. With that in mind, who could deliver better a clear and concise argument both articulate and intellectual?

So… wtf does that mean?!
I still don’t fully trust it, even as I hold out for hope I can’t help but feel like Admiral Ackbar.
I need sensors on that shield, we could be walking into a trap!
The gambit is worth it though, now is the time to find allies even as unlikely as it seems.
If there is any chance to align more to just the policy at hand, then it’s possible to change things without ever needing a President in Office at all.

Ben Shapiro also posted the full debate, and obviously, I’m a hopeless romantic that can’t get passed my desire for change. I just want to assume it’s a sign in the right direction.

It could also be a trick, but we’ve experienced the trickery for decades, it wouldn’t be so devastating if that was the case.

After some sparring in the TYT full debate comments, it occurred to me to check out Ben Shapiro’s full debate, since I had mentioned how it was a good sign that he would also post it on his side in full as well. Watching the TYT release was my second full time through, and I watched all of Ben’s, it was really that good.

Ana Kasparian, Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, tongue as silver as her hair is gold.

That SoB has bonus content!
I kid, it was a conservative function after all, but it’s hard as a progressive not to want to gripe about it.
That bastad.

Anyway, Ben’s community comments on his full debate video were incredibly hopeful. I left a little golden nugget to enforce the olive branch, I would encourage you to do the same.
DO NOT go pick fights!
We only do that when they come kicking dirt on our turf, mind your manners.

If you go read their comments, remember you are scrolling through the opposition. You are looking for common ground, anything else isn’t anything you didn’t already expect, so don’t make mountains out of mole hills.

Happy hunting dragons.

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Beautiful my guy I love it, keep that awesome attitude!

I agree I really liked that debate ! Haven’t scrolled thru their comments but might go do that :slight_smile:

It’s just an aside, something to consider as a possible avenue to get the Progressive message across the divide, unfiltered to our political adversaries.

Perhaps then we can finally start to run political office on platforms of compromise.

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