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It’s not listed on their schedule. I saw it on the TV while watching them today. They mentioned it in an interview with the director (I think it was the director).

Maybe they just haven’t had a chance to update it. Okay, I’ll make that clear in the post. Thank ya

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@MSt.Clair1962 @dmanning - are you okay if we move it to 8:30pm ET for those who want to watch the Bonus Episode?

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I’m cool with that, @alison_hartson, but @MSt.Clair1962, this is your thing, so I defer to you!

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Sure. I’m pretty open!

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All done! Here’s are the links if you want to promote it on TYT Army Slack:

Discussion Board: Movie Club? Friday, 5/28, at 8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT

TYT Today: Movie Club? Friday, May 28, at 8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT - TYT.com

I’ll let people in Discord know. We’re also putting in in our newsletter.

I had emailed FSTV about the time of the movie before I found out the 7:00 time. I just received a response that said it was at 9:00 EST/6:00 PST. I will put out a post to let everyone know!

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Thanks! I’ll update the posts.

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CORRECTION: Book & Movie Club - The time of the movie we are planning to watch on Thursday, 5/27, “Wilmington on Fire,” Is scheduled at 9:00 PM EST/6:00 PM PST as opposed to 7:00 pm EST as we originally thought. Just received confirmation from Free Speech TV regarding the time. Please make this correction on your calendars. Thanks everyone! See ya Friday!

I thought it was Thursday. Is it tomorrow, Wednesday?

Oh shoot, your right! Duh! I’ll correct my correction! lol

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I was 22 years old when Martin Luther King was assassinated. Around that time the horrible event which resulted in the slaughter of dozens of black citizens in the city of Wilmington North Carolina was talked about a lot. I absorbed as much of the news that became available related to the takeover of Wilmington by the somewhat minority (Democrat) whites.

I also know that the takeover could not have happened without the manipulation of the judicial system by tactics that could just as well have been planned by Mitch McConnell. The thing is that the takeover of Wilmington was done by the Democratic Party of North Carolina. The city board had two black Republicans, one independent and two white Democrats so the Democrats were in the minority and, as long as they were, no plan to essentially carry out a vicious deadly coup on the prospering black economy and leadership in Wilmington would have succeeded.

It would also not have succeeded if the black newspaper had not been burned to the ground after his owner was forced to leave before he himself was assassinated.

That left the Democratic newspaper left to rule and disseminate propaganda without any competition. These memories touche on a few of the facets of this horrific event although there may be many I have forgotten.

This is why I have the notion that although becoming a member of TYT communities is a plus for me, it is mainly intended for younger Gen Xers, millennials and zoomer‘s, because they have so much to learn about relatively recent history that my generation in a large part already knows.

Therefore I am going to stay out of this discussion because I do not want to in any way dominate it. I haven’t watched “Wilmington on Fire” (I JUST got the notice) but I probably will after I get through with the latest section on my book. I hope your discussion is fruitful and educational. Wishing you all the Very Best.


Just so you know, I’m 58 years old, which makes me a Boomer, I guess. I think I’m at the tail end of the Boomer generation, but nevertheless a Boomer. I understand how you feel, but I still hope you will join us on Friday. I know we are of all ages around here even though the majority may be younger. Your experience and knowledge would be interesting. No pressure though. I want you to be comfortable. Furthermore, I had never heard about Wilmington until this movie came out. That is one reason, I want to see it. Shoot, I never even heard of the massacre of Black Wall Street until getting involved with TYT. It makes me wonder what else went on in our history that I was never taught. Pisses me off. Anyway, we will be there on Friday to discuss if you change your mind. :blush:


You are definitely a “trailing edge“ baby boomer so if you ever wanted to take issue with some of CENK‘s and ANA‘s references to “Boomer mentality“ and Boomers not being social networking savvy you would be qualified to take personal issue with what I think are simply personal assertions seeking confirmation bias (In Ana‘s case her confirmation bias was her own mother and nothing more. Could there be some degree of ageism involved in both cases?). but, as you might have read in one of my posts, “boomers“ are manifested on a spectrum from those born in 1946 to those born around 1960. Generally speaking, and this does not necessarily include you, trailing edge boomers we’re more into attending rock festivals, nudity, smoking pot, and all the superficial accoutrements that could even be remotely connected to the radicalism of leading edge boomers. I emphasize, “generally speaking“.

I have a rather frustrating dilemma being part of TYT communities while at the same time attempting to finish my memoirs and also work on a documentary. I’m in the process of water marking my documentary on the monarch butterfly titled “The July Monarch“, and making a few relatively minor changes relevant to developments that have happened since the documentary was first made.

When I end up posting and what better place than ”books and movies” should it be posted?, then it could possibly be a subject of discussion by anyone interested.

Thanks for your honest and thoughtful message.

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I already find you interesting from the fact that you are writing your memoirs and working on a documentary. I find that fascinating. I have been wanting to write a book, myself, but my interests are all over the place, so I have yet to narrow down what I would truly like to write about that might also be of interest to others. I’ve been taking care of my mother, who had dementia, for the past 3 years 24/7. She just passed away a couple of weeks ago. Once I get all of her affairs settled, perhaps I will have the time to gather my thoughts and proceed with that goal.

I agree that the “boomer mentality” argument is subjective and doesn’t take into account the outliers. It’s just an easy way to get a point across through stereotype. I’m never sure if being born in 1962 makes me a “Boomer” or not. Personally, I don’t care for the labeling of any generation. There are obviously many in every generation that don’t fully follow the description of any particular “label.” I think it may just be a way to blame the “others” as people have been so indoctrinated to do by those in power. Thus, creating conflict. I suppose I’m idealistic in that I just want everyone to get along and when people consider themselves a part of any particular “group” more prejudices appear to come to the surface as a result of “group think.” Personally, I have never been able to pinpoint any certain “group” of people that I truly feel I belong due to what I consider my ability to think for myself. My beliefs (which I try to base on facts) and experiences , as well as personality, are what make me and I try to respect that in others. However, given these days of unreality that we live in, it is becoming harder and harder to do. I think people of all ages have knowledge and experiences we can learn from as long as we just “listen.”


Technically, “ boomers“ were assigned that name after the 1950 census showed a horrific increase in the population and then it was related to the post war celebration that involved a relatively quick formation of couples who wanted immediately to have babies (married or not, but most often, married). After the 1960s census the population was obviously beginning to level off. So between those two decades the population growth was attributed to “boomers“. You have every right not to like the label but that is definitely why the term “boomers“ originated and is stuck with us ever since. Like I said, the “mentality“ of boomers is on a spectrum and should not be generalized in anyway except for the reality that, in general, trailing edge baby boomers generally are less likely to be radical Yippies like I was. The radical yippee movement was a transformation from the “ beat“ generation of the 40s and 50s which was primarily a group of poets and writers which included Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and others and artists in some areas who would rather protest the system through their writings and art.

ABBIE Hoffman was a member of the student nonviolent coordinating committee
(The SNCC) in the early 60s which the vast majority of the “beat generation“ belonged to and actually started. But Hoffman, decided that members of (SNCC) we’re actually accomplishing nothing with respect to what Hoffman believed was a necessary militant “rage against the machine” which required in his view and eventually in mine, anarchist theatrics, contempt for cops, organizing the youth international party to facilitate anarchist agendas and so on.

I told lost my mother to Alzheimer’s which was a process that took over 10 years. In the last two years of her disease when I would go to visit her she would stare blankly into my eyes not knowing me at all and the only thing she could say was “where is my husband?“ But the husband she was referring to was the husband who was shot down in his Air Force fighter over Italy during WW II in 1943. My mom was pregnant with my older sister when her husband went off to war and was born after her husband was shut down. Mom died in 2006 just a week short of her 80th birthday. since then I have consistently donated relatively large amounts to the Alzheimer’s foundation.

But I just want to close by saying that I completely understand what you’re saying. You make some very poignant and valuable points. I very much appreciate you sharing what I consider to be highly personal in a straightforward and honest way.

Oh, I forgot, I watched the movie Wilmington on Fire and recorded the soundtrack. Do you think it will be useful for the discussion to have the soundtrack posted so that portions could be played which people could specifically respond to? Don’t know if this is even technically possible or not but Allison would know.


I don’t really know about the soundtrack. This Friday will be our first meeting to discuss this movie, then we will choose another movie or book to discuss at a later time. I’ll have to leave that to Alison. I’m not sure how to do it even if we decide we want to.

Thanks for sharing your insight and experiences. I find it to be very interesting! When you finish your memoirs, be sure and let me know. I look forward to reading it one day!

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The soundtrack was just kind of a wild idea with the agenda being able to refer to portions of The movie’s soundtrack keep the discussion “ontrack”. It’s likely not feasible, perhaps not even possible, to post the soundtrack like one would with a photo link. I don’t know.

Maybe Allison will read this and let us know what she thinks. I will most certainly let everyone know in this community when my memoirs finished. Technically they are finished, however, it takes a long time to proofread it myself and then have a couple more people proofread it. Then there’s also the inevitable “story“ that friends and family believe should be included. I’m struggling with that. I’m also struggling with simultaneously doing my memoirs and making a documentary. But, then again, due to the COVID-19 crisis, I have lived entirely alone with no contact with anyone for well over 12 months. I order everything I need from vendors who delivered to my door. I went through a “loneliness“ phase which eventually morphed into a “solitude phase“. This is a very good phase to be in, I must say. I can get a lot of what I want to get done and I can also do pretty much what I want the rest of the time which sometimes means sleeping at very odd hours. Don’t rule me out of the discussion on Wilmington on Fire. There’s a 50-50 chance I might join but you may have to put a “mute Ashley“ button people can use so others can get a word in edgewise. :innocent:


Loving the convo here! Makes my heart happy even if its not all peaches and ice cream. Sound track… ummmmm if you’re wanting to share a particular portion to discuss, you could probably just play and hold the speaker to it so we can hear.

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