Local to DC pipeline

When a person’s first public office they hold is in US Congress, they’re folding like lawn chairs as soon they get to DC.

We might wanna focus on winning local elections and once the candidates prove themselves, send them to DC.

It’s like playing in NFL without previous football experience.

I don’t think so. One office is not like the other, we cannot just run gauntlets waiting for the righteously qualified.

We need organization, plain and simple. We report to a Progressive Caucus who’s sole purpose is to ensure our agendas tank.

We need new representation, accountability, and direct access to an actual Progressive voice.

So long as we share the stage with Jimmy Dore, nothing will ever get done!

We need real Progressives!

Look at Shontel Brown! Doesn’t even hide her disgust for Progressive values!

Supposed Progressive!

Slamming Nina Turner for being Progressive!

Ohio failed her for corporate propaganda!

Twice! Not 2 years ago the same thing in the House of Reps!
Shontel hasn’t done jack! Democrats haven’t done jack!

Not all of us are Progressives, and we need to fix that!

While you have a point that all offices are not the same iJedi I think Naveenics also has a very valid point. We don’t have to put folks through a gauntlet to see who is “pure” however gaining experience in government through holding a local office(s) may be important.

I say that because when you’re local you can see and hear your constituents every day, you can meet with community leaders all the time and gain those contacts. It also builds name recognition and establishes a record that folks (voters) can look at and support. When you go straight from whatever you were doing to DC you don’t have those contacts, you don’t know who to trust or listen to in the community you represent. You just have the snakes in DC whispering in your ear…

We don’t yet know how to fight are way to victory in politics.

Because we should have seen this coming since Ro Khanna sat with us the night our social spending died with the decoupling of the Infrastructure Bill.

Since then we have been thinking in terms of unshameless politics, where as there is no more decorum in the Halls of Congress, it’s culture wars coming from both sides, and our Progressives are falling for bait left and right, pun intended!

Federal politics, may agree, if by that you mean House of Reps first and into Senate, then that seems reasonable.

But we are not yet ready for the Senate, Ohio has taught us that.

Nefarious, and diabolical, the Democrats will stop at nothing so long as they are run by California’s Lords of the Sith, barely hanging on to life sustained by the suffering of Californians.

Pelosi craves it, Schumer looks like the Emporer, like he overdosed on the dark side and is trying to get minute to recover.

$6 million, and no one told anyone about Reconciliation Infrastructure Bill before we killed it.

If not for Progressives, they would not have had to revive it into Build Back Better, that still never carried any of the provisions that we were hoping for.

We are a hot mess!
We need a strategy!

I have filled this discussion with nothing but ranting on the matter, I tell you, we need to get our ducks in a row and start thinking like the big kids if we want to have a chance at even surviving!

Which we are not currently, because we lack coordination!