Money out of Politics, By bypassing the corrupt politicians, Respond to expand on this idea below

you don’t enforce it with a single election official. there should be an entire election office that would deal with this. also, you can illegalize bribery to not just elected officials but also appointed or hired officials. the bigger problem is who this is reported to, and who would investigate. my first reaction is to think about the AG. also, this is mostly an effort to reform lower level elections because the state level ballot measures will have an easier time affecting those races.

Are you guys aware of If not, check it out – Cenk started it over 10 years ago. I donate a little every month. They have to start with the states and then the feds won’t have a choice.


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Topic: Democratic Process
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“You know those state level ballot measures voters get to directly vote on? let’s put something to get money out of politics on the ballot. Bypass the corrupted politicians entirely on this one.” “get this passed in like 10 states and watch the political landscape change overnight. When state legislatures repeal it pretty much immediately that’s political gold for the progressives that run against them. it’s the biggest issue that effects legislation for all other issues. it needs to change or everything else won’t change fast enough to help anyone.”


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Could you add note to the yes vote? A conditional vote yes or no maybe useful as well.

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Oh yes! I don’t know what I was thinking! That was the original plan so it will be different than the regular [like]. Imma correct that on the ones up, and include it on the pending. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it.

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Again, thank you for your feedback. I replaced it with a numerical rank instead. My original idea was a like dislike, but this is more nuanced so that voter wouldn’t be limited to those two options only.


I would like to know why they think it’s a strategic liability when over half of the country agrees that they dislike the legalized bribery, even half of republicans agree