New friend wants to join Book Club

So I have a leftist friend who wants to join book club. She is not yet a member of the TYT community, and she often has difficulty verbalizing in groups. I told her she could join by registering for an account at, and that we can read her written comments in the zoom chat out loud for her. Did I give her all correct information?

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h! i’ve been looking for a leftist reading group to join


Sounds good to me!

We would love to have you join us! We post on here when our meetings are. The next one is on Tuesday, 6/22/21, at 8:30 ET until whenever we get done. We are reading “The Shock Doctrine,” but it’s the Introduction and Part 1 that we will be discussing then. You can get a free .pdf online at or Alison might be able to get you a book if you prefer.

I’m excited to have you in the club. The more the merrier. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I try to check on here at least once a day. Thanks and welcome!

Nothing too deep but if y’all are animal lovers PBS is reshowing All Creatures Great and Small on Masterpiece Theater, 1st of 7 was on tonight Thursday 17th @ 10 pm est.
I read all the books, I bet I’ve read more books in the last 2 yr. than I have throughout my life

@CamMillerPaints Of course we can accommodate! Love that you’re thinking of ways to make it work.

Hey everyone @HARLEYRKC08 @Jessica_TF2 @MSt.Clair1962 (IDK if Tater Tot is on here) - I am not going to be able to do our meeting at all this week, let alone Tuesday - so sorry! I am super busy with the Ohio townhall. We could either move it to next week July 2 @ 8:30pm ET, or you can all meet this week using a free conference call line instead of the Zoom and I can catch up with you on our next one. I’m comfortable with either option. Just lmk what you prefer. :hugs:

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Waiting is fine with me I wanted to reread anyway

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I’m fine with waiting until the 2nd.

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No one problem @alison_hartson . It probably works out best for me to wait anyway. I am pretty flexible about these things. The 7/2 date is fine.

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I’m good for July 2nd too.
I just figured out how to get notification from the community pushed to my pc. I don’t understand why this was so confusing to me. puffs on peace pipe


For me, there’s always a learning curve with each platform. Glad you’re figuring it out and that you made it here!