New Path Forward for the Progressive Movement

Win or lose, we must speak to the strengths and weaknesses of Progressives, where we fall short, and where we misuse our efforts.

What worked and what didn’t?

Well, it did work, for all intents and purposes, those commercials were exactly what we needed for Nina’s campaign, and hopefully it got the word out.

Let’s be honest, we started too late, were caught flat footed by Shontel Brown twice, and Rebellion Pac was all we could do to get an effective word out.

Rebellion Pac spurred out of nowhere, so what was accomplished was nothing short of a miracle, let’s be proud of that.

We need to have campaign strategies ready, this is what we were able to do on the fly, imagine what we can do with real coordination and preparation!

I personally would sustain such a Pac, with a commitment of $2,000 per year, if we can effectively coordinate campaigns and get Progressives into office.

There’s Stacey Abrams, and Georgia’s need for new governorship.

We need Cisneros in Texas government.

And Gallego is the only one holding Progressive values in Arizona, he will need all the help he can get to take Sinema’s seat!

Back them now, or ar least start communication on the possibility of future support during the next campaign cycle.

Help prepare the homework, and get that candidate ready as soon as the gates open!

Have those commercials ready, get the politcs out before hand, and get loud right before everyone else does!

Their only recourse is to try and make sure NO ONE HEARS US!
Just like Build Back Better!

They tried to kill it by completely ignoring telling the American People what the Reconciliation Infrastructure Package WAS!

Family leave, pre-k childcare, drug prices, Medicare, for only 2%?!

That’s why it couldn’t die, that’s literally too good to simply let bleed out behind the shed.

I would rather donate to a Rebellion Pac, where WE act like the campaigning arm Progressives ARE ALSO SUPPOSED TO HAVE!



They are worth capping for.

Let’s cap this establishment for real, with marketing direction.

We focus on the logistics of commercials, and best avenues of getting them exposed.
With preparation, adding the local newspaper and newsprint can be done by the candidate themselves.

We can make a handbook for candidates to help them get the most exposure!
A handbook to help prepare candidates so that when they get enough recognition for Rebellion Pac to spot, that handbook will expedite the process of integration and communication.

I dropped $2k on Rebellion Pac, and $1k on Nina Turner’s campaign fund.

Make a playbook, so that when we make fundraising again, we have transparency of numbers and excitement for goals.

To see the actual action come to fruition from our contribution at the mark of the threshold!

People don’t think that’s even possible, corporate this, corporate that, a deal too good to be true.

Living wages, affordable housing and universal healthcare are all too good to be true, and are all the very definitions of a First World Nation.

That makes us a Second Rate Country.
I’l caps at that all day long, sorry not sorry.
Still love you dragons, but there’s nothing wrong with a little rough housing.

I like my trolls burnt and trembling when I enjoy my meals, dragons have particular taste when it comes to dealing with the sheep.

No offense intended.

We fly solo for too long, we need to learn to fly together, to hunt as a team. It will prove better results, I assure you.

I say this now, BEFORE knowing the results for Nina Turner.
Who knows what tomorrow may bring?
Progressives pray that one day, we will get at least some consideration.
More than Bernie Sanders and AOC.
We want people to stop demonizing us.

We need to work together, because they all work against us in perfect synchronicity!

The Left and Right are united in one thing, to keep the woke mob back at whatever cost!

Rebellion Pac is all I have left!
After that, it’s actual tea partying of our Forefathers and following the American playbook!

Getting pretty good at declarations!
Just saying!

Most importantly, if Nina Turner loses this Primary, it’s strike two.

Shontel Brown exposes herself, and I have been saying this since she beat Nina the first time!

We exposed Shontel too late!

Not completely our faults!

The first time the campaigning came out of nowhere, it wasn’t enough for us to suspect.

This second time should now paint a clear picture, they don’t even have anyone to replace Shontel if she does get the Senate!

Who’s in the House Seat then for Ohio?!

That’s what I mean when I say this will be the last time Nina loses if she does.

It will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

If Nina is not Primary candidate, then she should leave the Party and run as independent, for this race.

Is that possible?

Assuming that’s unrealistic, we need Nina campaigning a year prior, getting ready to make waves, and getting in commercials OFF SEASON. It will be cheaper, you will not be competing for air time, there’s no reason to wait for election season.

Politics is always, and doing these things early will help build that exposure, so all you need to do is focus on amplifying the message, not making sure it reaches enough people.

Nina Turner is a cultural leader of Progressives, stands next to Bernie Sanders, AOC and her six.

I don’t need title to recognize Nina Turner, hello somebody.
My somebody.
One day to be your somebody Ohio. If not tomorrow, then soon.

That’s Nina Turner, gtfo of the way.

No regrets, $3k well spent.
For democracy, for the People.

God Bless America.