Next Club meeting details and subject

I haven’t seen a post about this here yet, so I just wanted to put the details as I remember them here so I can be corrected or so everyone else who might be interested will know.

Our next meeting is on Friday, June 11 at 8:30pm Eastern (7:30pm Central). We are watching two documentaries:

  1. A minidoc called Thomas Sankara’s Revolution, available on youtube at It is in English and French with English subtitles.
  2. A full length documentary called The Edge of Democracy available on Netflix. It is in English and Portuguese with English subtitles.

We will also be starting the book The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein, I don’t remember for sure when we will be discussing the first section of the book, but I think it is planned for a meeting past the next one. I don’t remember either if we are doing just the first chapter or the first few chapters. I think it’s just the first chapter. We just wanted to be sure people had enough time to consume and absorb the first section (chapter?) of the book before we begin discussing it.

I hope that someone will respond to this message with more details that they remember. Otherwise, remember it is not required to have finished the pieces being discussed to attend the discussion.


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Introduction and first section I believe

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Thank you so much for getting this started! Sorry, a new project landed in my lap and I somehow got even busier. For the book, we’ll be doing the intro and the 1st section. I had to order another book, which I should have this Friday, so I can offer more details, but I’m planning to post about this today, tomorrow, or Friday.

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Got the book today