Nina Turner Election

Hey is anyone gonna be in cleveland this weekend/the lead up to Tuesday for Nina’s election? I’m going for a few days & staying w a friend
And going to volunteer/canvass & such for Nina and was just curious if there were any TYT folks who’ll be there as well

I just dropped a grand on Rebellion Pac!
Go make sure my money is put to good use!

Spread the good word!
Fight the good fight!

Lay down fire until Ohio is lit with Progressive voices!

Go Dragons go!
Bring us back a Senator!


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Thank you! I just saw Biden endorsed Shontel today and it is getting me worried about Nina’s chances

Nina’s chances were the same as the last election for House.

Look, that base is solid, they believed in Nina, and Corporate came in a swooped the vote from the woke ass liberal.

How many times can they do that?
For every attempt, their influence weakens, so all we have to do is add to the growing base already there.

Bolster the words we have seeded before, Nina Turner’s campaign is spot on, and had ensured politics for you to turn your face blue with!

We aren’t starting from scratch! Remember that!

And we have Rebellion Pac, a REAL campaigning arm for the Progressive Movement.

Have faith dragon, this is the time.

Even if we lose, it will be the last election Nina EVER loses!

Hello somebody!

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Thanks for the encouragement!

Don’t just be encouraged, be empowered.
If one grand gesture isn’t enough, then go with two!

Tell them ijedi sent you, and tell them to check the discussion boards!
People are bored of hearing me rant!
Ask @Drew2008 !


Oh my gosh! That is a looot of money but that is very generous of you
Like Cenk said we need the cavalry push in these final days

The calvary is here!