Nina Turner or bust!

2% increase in corporate tax.

That was what Americans were asking for.

It was going to give us family leave, Pre-K childcare, the ability to negotiate drug prices and expansion of Medicare.

After two PPP loans and not one raise or hazard pay.
After Trump lowered Corporate Tax by 10% for absolutely no reason.

Those PPP loans were to help your employees out of work, not for you to pocket then tell Americans they’re too lazy to be given a break!

10% so you can line your pockets and NEVER does that mean extra for your employees that bust their asses for your record breaking profit margins!

Because Shontel Brown represents what Corporate America wants for the American People, indentured servitude!

To be in so much debt that we turn into economic slaves!
No equity!
No return!
Why do we pay taxes?!

Make your taxes represent you!

Vote Nina Turner and tell establishment it’s time we get what we are owed!

Hello somebody!

When it was called the Reconciliation Infrastructure Plan, Joe Manchin said the provisions were so important that we could be expected to spend up to $6 trillion on that part of spending alone.

Everyone forgot.

Now people think Joe Manchin is a stalwart of economic prudence when in fact he lies out of his teeth until someone can bail him out.

Enter “non-partisan budget committee” aka Kyrsten Sinema.
It’s not that Joe Manchin is all of a sudden a fervent opposition of social spending all of a sudden, he uses the cloak Sinema has made for him and pretend like he never wanted anything for the American People in the first place.

As his people try to reason with him the only way they know how to reach him: by assembling a kayak fleet to protest his undermaintained yacht.

The fact that we allow those traitors to speak at all, as if they don’t deserve to be hung on the gallows, is simply shocking.

They have been shamelessly and publicly disgracing the United States of America with their shallow attempts at blocking democracy and the Will of the People.

How dare they?!

When politicians were waving off corruption, as if it wasn’t a big deal, everyone seemed to have forgotten that we weren’t simply talking about supposed legislation, we were also talking about the insider trading laws already in place, specifically for our politicians’, already.

When Nancy Pelosi was dismissing any actions against insider trading, she wasn’t just dismissing new proposals, but enforcing the laws we already had in place already.

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t think insider trading is wrong whatsoever.

That’s not what the Law says.

Chuck Schumer supports her all the way.
So does Kevin McCarthy.
And that’s why California sucks.

If you want Ohio to be another California, then vote Shontel Brown.

But if you want a chance at real progress, then vote for Nina Turner.

Hello somebody!


Bring me back a Senator!

We can save Warnock!

We are TYT, we’re loud as dragons.
So intense and persistent, you would think our boiling frustrations would burst into flames as it came out of our mouths!

You can’t even hide us, our voices carry to everyone within ear shot, and subliminally, the more public we are, the more comforting our scorching remarks become.

We want everyone to feel the burn, for too long people ignore the existence of dragons, so now we must be draconian when handling the sheep.

Get in line or we will serve you as the main seven course event, and your little Corporate masters too.

We are dragons, hear us roar.
We’re coming for you.

And remember that marketing and advertising goes beyond the screens in our hands.

Don’t forget the newspaper.

Don’t forget the local newsprint publication talking about your local scene and events.

Don’t forget the impact of the local effort, from the local front. They keep the voice heard long after our fanfare.

Don’t forget your colleges, don’t forget that hard working Americans, Ohio especially, can work and listen at the same time.

They could use some food for thought before heading towards labor. 60 hours, is that what we’re averaging now per week?
It’s what I attribute to Ohio’s ability to hold on to the hope for unionization even if Corporate has long won it’s battles across the nation.

The scars remind us of a hope for a better future.
They hold out hope for people like us to capitalize!
They are waiting for us!
And they can’t hang on forever, they want a voice that’s not going to diminish as soon as the vote is cast!

You know it, I know it, everyone knows it!
We don’t need “be patient” or “maybe next time”!


For over two decades the American People suffer whenever there’s an economic crises or global disaster.
The whole time our mandatory raises that made the economy good was completely absent from the narrative!

Blame the Recession!
Blame the Pandemic!
Blame Progressives!

Blame everything and everyone except the very problems we are facing!

Living wages, affordable housing and universal healthcare IS the definition of a First World Nation!
It is the ONLY way to have a functional economy!


Vote for Nina Turner!
Take a chance on yourselves for once in your life!

Let’s HAM it up!

Ohio belongs to us!

Hard working Americans belong with us!

Liberty and Justice for All!