Nina Turner Stage Two

Nina Turner campaign stage two:

  • It will be important to keep the establishment accountable, so we should keep close eye on the actions of Nina’s sudden replacement, and ensure that the elective does in fact deserve their seat.
    I had suggested to TYT in an email to keep us posted, and if it so happens that the establishment doesn’t deliver, then we can bring the campaign back, use the previous campaign as foundation, build on the plan to make change happen in office, and when it comes next cycle, there will be no chance of fooling the people again.
    And when they slip, make sure Nina is there to help them acknowledge it and correct it, help them make a plan, or maybe offer her plan, as they won’t have anything better, nor will they expect the persistent pressure, we won’t let people forget this time.
    If I know the establishment, her name will gain recognition that not even Coca Cola will be able to rival, just because corporate America doesn’t know anything about self-control.
    They won’t be able to help it, like a cat and a laser, they have to grift every policy in reach.

-The establishment is predictable, they are not going to do anything except more establishment, which is to say they’re going to do absolutely nothing.
Of course!
So keep on top of that, on top of the issues that are their responsibility now, and we can salvage the momentum of the campaign.

For every loss, we now must work on our follow through, and follow up.

This is the way.