No Shortcuts: Organizing for Power

So I’ve been reading this book along with a DSA chapter called No Shortcuts: Organizing for Power in the New Gilded Age. It’s written by Jane McAlevey and it’s essentially a book explaining why and how the labor unions and political organizing structures have gone astray and basically failed since the 70s.

I understand that things are probably happening behind the scenes at TYT or with the TYT army, but I was wondering if anyone else has read this book and if I’m just crazy that I think it would be a good read for those who work at TYT including the hosts, Cenk, Ana, Alison Hartson, etc. Am I crazy to think that it might be the starting point of basically a road map to get the left organized and able to actually fight for the policies this country so desperately needs?

Thought, comments, concerns positive or negative are all fine. I admit I might just be looking naive on this, but I truly don’t know what else is possible as a strategy to get real power in the hands and lives of regular people at this point.


I’ve been reading/watching a lot about demokratic businesses aka co-operatives.
Apparently 70% of the GPD is generated by consumers. That is a huge power. By spending as much as possible at co-operatives instead of corporations is the way forward, I think. This will leave them with less money for lobbyism.

Check this video on YouTube for more well argued insides: “The dirty secret of capitalism – and a new way forward | Nick Hanauer”


We have a TYT Book Club (you may have seen some of our posts on here). This sounds like a good possibility to add to our list of reads. Right now we are reading The Shock Doctrine. You are welcome to join us if you like. Our next Zoom meeting is on Friday 8/20 at 8:30 ET/5:30 PT. Aside from that, I am definitely going to take note of this book. Thank you!

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I have seen the book club happenings. Unfortunately I work on Friday evenings so I can’t attend, but I have been inspired to read The Shock Doctrine after I am done with my current trio of books that I am reading. I have not finished No Shortcuts fully, but I would definitely recommend it to the book club for sure.


That’s great! Sorry you have to work though! We also watch movies and videos. Occasionally, we meet on a different night. This has just worked out for those of us connecting as of now. Keep a look out for any changes and maybe you can chime in then.

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My DSA chapter read No Shortcuts for a Socialist Night School last year, and I highly recommend it! Movements succeed when you build broad coalitions in the community. (Megan Day and Micah Uetricht also discuss this in Bigger than Bernie: How We Can Win Democratic Socialism in Our Time.) For example, getting parents, students, bus drivers, cafeteria staff, etc. to join in solidarity with striking teachers makes that strike more likely to succeed–and the stories of such instances are empowering! Even longer-term projects like the unionization effort at Smithfield Foods (Ch. 5 in No Shortcuts) give you a shot of inspiration. BTW, if you subscribe to Means TV, they have an excellent documentary called Union Time, which chronicles the Smithfield story. The TL;DR is that, as McAlevey’s title implies, successful movements can’t be rushed, and history is filled with evidence-based episodes.

@MSt.Clair1962 I agree that this would make a great addition to our TYT Book Club reading list. In addition to theory, we also need to learn about praxis.

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