Over comming issues with land hording and affordable rent

I live in a city probably like many who’s office district has shrunk considerably as a result of the remote culture that was widely adopted during covid. The “city central” has always been a place for displaced people as many of their services as located there. Right out of the gate after covid we seen a huge increase in homelessness but that was also a fact a few years leading up to covid as rents started to strangle the people of my city. Fentanyl started taking hold of meany of these very vulnerable people. So right at the same time you seen a huge decline in office corporate space as many people start to work from home. I used to be one of these people. making over 100k working downtown, I was one of those people who paid almost $20 everytime I wanted lunch down town. I paid $10 for the day in parking, ect ect.

Many of those people did not live super close to the core of the city.
Some did, but most live in the surrounding subs,

At covid many of the downtown restaurants relied solely on ride share deliveries to survive. And since there was huge demand during covid it mostly worked.
Fast forward till now, many of those down town places are failing.

Our mayor has been doing all kinds of things to try and get companies to return to what is close to a 50% vacancy in our down town core. Just the other day he “demanded a return back to the office for 20 hours a week” as the only solution to revitalize the downtown.

The issue is multipart

  • Most of the people who reside downtown are poor AF.
  • Most of the people who had money no longer frequently the same spaces downtown they used to spend vastly higher levels of disposable income at.
  • Most of the companies that left the core of the city who had these high wage employees are no longer looking to rent office spaces and are not coming back.

Its so frustrating to me,
So many people in my city have suffered from extreme rent prices. While rent has only just recently stabilized its not coming down at all. The landlord are the only ones who can fix our problems and they have been dragging their feet for too long.

Convert the office spaces into affordable housing now! If we can tell workers to get back to work then when are we gonna grow a backbone to the blood sucking landlords?

What kind of real change can I make or any one in any other city make to push this agenda of converting office space into affordable housing to address the lack of affordable homes?

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That’s a tough one @the_last_menshevik , and definitely highlights many facets of our failures in America. The wealth gap widens every day, and more people fall into the chasm of poverty.
There’s no easy fix, but converting unused space into living would be helpful. Those facilities would then have to be maintained and operated by local government, which circles back to the original problem of our legislators’ inaction.
I’ve been wondering, like you, what kind of real change can I make. Your breakdown of causal issues is pretty solid, I’m sure others may have additional angles to add, and I’m sure each city will need different tools. Local administration is unfortunately the gatekeeper for the kind of changes needed for a step towards equity. Hard to get a toe in the door.
Sorry I don’t have a recommendation to answer your question, I barely have time to read and respond on TYT. But I do think of things while I work, and I’ll try to put more thought into this.

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““Convert the office spaces into affordable housing now!”” 1. Local business in downtown has been affected for the vacancy in office spaces after covid. 2. To decrease homelessness levels due to affordable housing " — Quote: [“[…] If we can tell workers to get back to work then when are we gonna grow a backbone to the blood sucking landlords?”


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