Police Reform Strategy

As mental health relates to policing, I believe the fundamentals of counseling would greatly improve law enforcement’s ability to de-escalate and reduce confrontation.

mental health professionals can work with police on creating a training program that gives the police tools to effectively keep the peace.

Included in that training is the ability to properly identify situations of complexity that may require more professional backup.

this doesn’t mean police are all therapists, they don’t need to be qualified counselors, and would not necessarily require certification level qualification.

What it can do is establish safe policies for engaging the citizenship in a professional manner, create protocols to handle increasing threat to properly contain the situation and keep police and community safe.

Perhaps a situation does require a qualified counselor, this is where you would call in back up, even within the police department, that is fully certified and qualified to handle extraordinary circumstances.

Mental health can also mean positive practices that ensure a healthy mind, and law enforcement has all the resources at their disposal.

This also needs to be coupled with ending practices that violate someone’s civil rights.

Both Drug Enforcement and ICE abuse their privileges, and their tactics only cause unrest like Black Lives Matter.

It is unproductive and unnecessary.

part 2: Probation, addiction, and homelessness

Going after drugs is not the answer, substance abuse and recreational use is a very blurred and dangerous line.

There are ways to approach addiction when they bare fruit but ending it at recreational use has worked no better for the Drug War than it did Prohibition.

There are two primary concerns when dealing with addiction: abuse of significant others and neglect/abuse of dependents.

Working with abusive parents needs to be a collective effort, and STEM has been foundational to ensure children some basic knowledge. Not sure how to approach this one, but an issue to be aware of.

Abuse of significant others also means financial abuse. Livlihoods must be protected from addiction, and usually even significant others are ready to jump boat, but can’t because of… I’m sure you know of the infinite reasons.

Children and elderly in the care of addicts must be protected.

For these two causes, I believe law enforcement just to intervene. And it could be of the protected requests that probation be completed if custody is to continue.

Addicts are self destructive, if they don’t see the error of their ways, if they don’t first make the attitude adjustments themselves, there’s no amount of jail time or even physical abuse to make them motivated.

We don’t want collateral damage, other than that, as much of a shame as it is, no crime being committed except the one between them and God.

But the Guidance Center has taught me that there is a lot of hope for recovery, and worse case scenarios like that should ease as the community heals. This foundation can help improve the directive of probation.

I don’t have to tell you how crucial it is to improve Probation with Mental Health practices. A whole can of worms, where the goal is recovery and not harassment.

IF there is opportunity, but that is an economical matter.

part 3: Police benefits for Mental Health

Police need to understand that Mental Health goes beyond therapy.

But let’s start with therapy.

First, we need to start taking police misconduct seriously.

Repeat misconduct especially is a concern for habitual abuse on the community.

Repeat offenses mean necessary counseling and assessment. Immediate suspension or action isn’t necessary, but assessing and monitoring negative behavior will help prevent unnecessary public incidents and undue embarrassment to law enforcement.

Adding Mental Health within the Police Department would allow officers to get paid time off earlier than later, assessed by a real human resources manager, one that ensures employees don’t get burned out.

The Police is the one organization that would allow that for their workers… remember when I said offer lucrative success in exchange for our welfare?

This is bonus perks in exchange for accepting some mental health assistance.

It’s a long shot, there’s a culture there that will see it as a vile trap to seduce police into being woke.

They need help, they don’t want to be punished for their misconduct, but we still have to address it at least. Some of these officers are out of control.

A precarious situation that depends on the reaction of the police union.

part4: Ending quotas and other addictive behaviors.

We don’t need quotas to keep our municipalities safe. It’s counter intuitive, if you were doing your job right, crime should go down, there should be no reason to expect a “quota”.

How much of our policing revolves around meeting these quotas?

Doesn’t sound productive.

The Drug War is about harassing random people for no good reason.

We don’t go after sex abuse at all.

They rely on their routines and directives catered to abusing the community, and use that as a reason as to why they’re too busy to do anything else and it needs to stop.

as it directly relates to homelessness, we need to boost the Guidance Center, and redirect homeless through there. Build a facility to host homeless like a hostel style type accommodation.

We can offer room and board for recovery. Food, shelter, and possible menial city work.

Because recovery is priority, and will need to help rehabilitate people back to adequate work ethic, and a program to help get these people onto a track of independence, but in the mean time could contribute to their own recovery by assisting the facility to help keep mitigate the maintenance of economic, social, and behavioral recovery.