Principles of Party

The Party is a means of representation, for which the People can have better access and focus on the issues at hand.

While the constituents empower the elected official, the elected official must do what is necessary to get legislation passed.

When speaking of politics, the only way to do that is working together.

Democrats don’t want to work with us, but we don’t necessarily need an official Party to belong to, only a strong enough voice to help influence our policy towards fruition.

We just need a body that Progressives answer to.
AOC jumped in too late, is that out of malice or is it because Washington is filled with distortion, especially for Progressives, that they didn’t even know what was happening until it was too late?

AOC cannot be expected to keep up with TYT, but a central place to communicate and coordinate smaller strategies, ensuring lines are being held, and our politicians have a meaningful lifeline to the Movement and the true elected Progressives in Congress.

We need to all be on the same page for this to work!
I know the six would be on board!

Nina Turner is on the war path to help out Progressives for Midterms!

Make sure Morgan is out here too! When she gets her seat back, she’ll need to be prepared to know how to keep it!

Smear politics IS the game, we MUST expect it at ALL times!

I’m not donating until Rebellion Pac gives official word on the plan!

Cenk said to stop donating once everything was spent and nothing else was on the table.
I admire that so much!
Transparency, I will stay loyal to that all day long!
And so we must be responsible for canpaigning, because we don’t want to be seen hoodwinking, and we need to develop on our own the best implementation for transparent politics.

Governor of Georgia is counting on us, let’s not keep her waiting.

Cuellar is a cunt, doesn’t deserve his gender let alone his seat.
If we can bring Texas at least one sliver of hope, Cisneros is the one!

Let’s go! Times wasting!