Public Money for Private Roads is Ridiculous

I still can’t get over how privatizing roads with government money is a things. Lets boil it to basics"

10 people live in a community and each make 1k/month and put $100/month into a community pot to build and maintain the community. All money is from outside the community and the system works.

One day its decided the community needs to build a road through town and Bob, member #1, is a road builder. So they pay him to build the road. They can do it in two ways:

  1. Pay him to build the road at Fair Market Value and the community owns the road

  2. Let him borrow 12k from the members. Over the course of the next 10 years everyone will pay and extra $10/month in taxes for use of road to pay off loan given to Bob. After ten years when loan is paid off. Bob will own the road, not the town, and Bob is free to toll and charge people to use the road as he pleases.

On what planet does option #2 make sense?


I have no idea how option 2 would be considered as a viable option. Speaking from personal experience, my community which lives on a private road, all pay a monthly due to my father who does all the finance and work related maintenance on our road, however, he does not own it, it’s still the community’s road and the government does not have anything to do with it. Aside from PG and E (otherwise known as PG and sometimes E) maintaining the vegetation around their power lines, but that is not really government related other than their right to do so.

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exact same play as Big Pharma.
We paid for that research, and Big Pharma always contributes $0.
Can’t even get an affordable epi pen.

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