Question on fundraising shenanigans

Been trying to decipher campaign donations.

I believe the one asking for donations straight to the Nina Turner campaign purse is real.

Why is Nina Turner being used to promote a Democratic PAC as well?!

I don’t donate to to her campaign anymore because of such shenanigans.

My current solution is Rebellion Pac!

For the Republic!

Or maybe I misread that?

We also need to address the the plot holes.

Progressive Caucus, not Progressive, it is Progressive suppression.

The question rises when we consider the affiliation of the political party.

So long as we have committee, we can transfer campaign assets to the next effort?

Because how much influence does the Democratic Party have on individual’s personal campaign finance?

I feel like Rebellion Pac was created in order to do the things other PAC’s should be doing, but only do it when it is in their interest.

I feel like Nina’s campaign purse was either not effective or or seemingly used against her own advantage, and that’s what I want to know.

Why was Nina’s effort alone not enough?
Progressives outraise anyone, especially with efforts like Nina.

I want to say Nina did better raising money last time than she did now, but I don’t know what’s going on the ground.

There was a fervent need for Nina in office, and now the nation is more desperate than ever.

Deep dive this subject, and help us understand which fundings to trust.

Because I have a list of politicians that I would personally donate to if I could trust the apparatus they use to finance.

Seems like the only way to make sure your money is going in the right place.