Rebellion PAC must hold value!

What I want to see is accountability!
I want to see a thriving culture of Nina Turners and Jessica Cisneros!

For Nina Turner paves the way in good faith politics, and we must not let Cisneros fall by the wayside!
Texas needs her!

And so we must continue Cisneros campaign under the cover of Progressive campaigning run by TYT Dragons the highest ranking independent news source in America!

We can do this!
I’ve got my foot in the door for Arizona, we have Progressives here lying dormant waiting for the time to strike!
Even against Mark Kelly!

Right now Mark Kelly runs virtually uncontested for his seat.

June is when General Election candidates start their bids along with nomination letters, and… I don’t exactly know how to qualify, and I fear the Primary Signature Deadline is also somehpw tied to the general election.

No, I do not think I would have the support of a random Az citizen that said all the right things coming out of left field completely unexpected.
There are enough disenfranchised Arizonans to make a few percentage points, even with a blitz campign like Shontel Brown.

Arizona Progressive Movement leadership kicked me, but I very much have the ear of many in that group, but it’s hard to tell with social media.

since the dawn of the digital age, even in the realm of nerds, the nerds are still the ones most trolled and hated on.
Goody two shoes and Mr. Nice Guy get dunked on regularly as “leets” trash talk their own teams of random quick matches to failure!

That is why even our most hardcore supporters and believers are too afraid to even react to what is said. Often times there is a bully to personally assure such actions don’t go unnoticed. Bullies love their victims so very much, and only they get to have them.

Was thinking the American Progressive Manifesto as my nomination letter, something close to.
We have held vigilant in Coconino County as the blue territory of Arizona, where us libs breathe fresh altitude air with our woke activites like hiking and camping.

Even those that recognize the folly of “vote blue no matter who” have difficulties accepting any negative connotations over the slogan, and want to argue but fail to ever come up with a proper counter.
It is hard to say how they will vote even in the privacy of the ballot box.

Republicans, if my recent revelations hold true, will more often vote for their convictions, regardless of their open politics. And as hated as Progressives are, the Catch 22 is there is no one worse than Democrats to them. Much of what I say resonates, but I have a personal code of ethics that I think will persuade more to listen to my ideas over the glamour of a NASA astronaut and martyr of a wife.

The goal of course is disruption.
ANY percentage points will be seen as a threat, since I was just exiled, any progress shown on the national stage will bring anxiety and doubt.

I do not need the resources of Rebellion Pac on this, but I also cannot do this on my own, starting with the amount of work need to be achieved to get any attention and the fact that I don’t really know anything about my State’s civics beyond the fundamentals of basic governing.

I’ve been on the wrong side of drug criminal law and family law, forgiven and rights fully restored for the former, and a personal friend’s family helped me completely evade the worst of divorce court, so much that I had my wife running back to my mother after their failed attempt to ruin my character in the eyes of the law.

I’ve designed restaurants and put in a considerable amount of carpentry work to save money.
The space everyone claimed would never be a kitchen again was done from concept conception to doors opening for business around $60k.
Design, renovation, equipment and accompanying bureaucracy included.

I like to hear my wife talk about real estate, and ever since she got her real estate license, I’ve been thankful more than once that I too paid attention for my wife’s homework.

So I know quite a bit about the inner workings of Arizona Law just from experience of playing the game for so long.

I always talk like I know everything, but if you are proficient in anything I’m talking about, then you’ll know that I at least do my homework.

A pet project, grassroots is like a fine wine, you have to at least know a little of what you’re talking about if you want to avoid looking like an ass at your next wine tasting.
Don’t be the person that can’t tell the difference between a merlot and a cabernet, they’re all going to laugh at you, your plaid shirt, and tennis shoes for trying to show off at a semi-casual party.

I do declare.

A City Council member was resigning, and there was an opening for the interim period between now and the new cycle.

Instead, I chose to post a reply on a topic posted about the deadline of the applications.
This is what I posted the day after, and after a handful comments back and forth… me sideswiping any questions about my wokeness with jokes… ended with the troll to say I actually may he a candidate for City Council!

Well give me colloidal silver and paint my ass blue!

"I considered it, finished my questions over the weekend, but I see what I have to put up here, the sentiments that run our city, the strong resistance towards change and the possibility of a better future.

We, for the most part, wish to stay in our ways, never looking at the problems we face, and continuing as is.
Because we think that this farce of high rentals, abysmally low affordable housing availability, stagnant wages and annual inflation is increases is going to sustain itself indefinitely.

Not driving people into poverty or anything.

I need a more open community that is willing to consider my politics.
Right now I’m just a woke ass liberal.

Don’t think that demonizing me will benefit you, my support is strong, solid, and silent.

The more you resist, the more I can depend on my minority to overcome your majority.

(1) Strong opposition groups must be met accordingly, and first must hear the issues at hand and see where agreement is stymied.
I will first look to any violated rights first, then to unintended consequences of indirect actions, and finally into the reason for the current situation to understand fully the situation.
For every continued dissent I will continue to listen, and find opportunities of approach to address issues and find solutions.

I will take into consideration all matters of concern from all parties.
I will ensure everyone is considered, I will act on behalf of those concerns to the best of my ability, and I will be transparent with all of my decisions and votes.
M wife runs our family business. While I don’t have any direct control over the matters of business, because having both husband and wife trying to wrestle over leadership is no way to run a business, I try to persuade her of actions she should take to improve her operation.
My wife is stubborn, but I will try to argue my case when the opportunity arises, whether it’s to be more organized or to practice better preparation.
She still has a hard time listening to anything I have to say, there is both implicit and explicit bias I must first overcome, however I no longer get called in to work while I’m watching my kids, and at least we have rid ourselves the headaches of extreme underprepare dness.

(3) My method of leadership is persuasion with respect to qualification and authority on the matter in question.
When dealing with a disagreement of two working professionals, it is important to hear both sides of argument, and understand every context provided to ensure decisions are made with consideration to all matters of import of a subject.

(4) If I was allowed to change the zoning code, I would allow for limited use commercial mixed zoning in residential zones.
Subdivisions would first need to have proper concensus on what limited use would entail and an adequate percentage of residents needed to give direct consent, or ensure protocol that ensures people’s democratic rights are respected to allow added mixed zoning.

(5) I believe in consensus, regardless of my personal beliefs. I plan to take into consideration everyone’s concerns regardless of my opinions for them.
All matters of community are important, if Flagstaff has taught me anything, is that we’re at our best working together.

(6) I will be focused on listening to any and all proposals to the council in regards to improving city infrastructure; I will try to understand better the situation Flagstaff is in, find potential opportunities, and most importantly compile what I have learned to present to the public, in hopes to better inform my community and allow better consideration on local civics.

(7) Aside from making decisions by my methods prescribed, I have some ideas for Flagstaff in terms of municipal composting, upgrading our mountain line into a robust and convenient means of travel, and the possibility of closed loop pumped storage hydropower.

My ideas highlight issues that Flagstaff faces today, and as I inquire on ideas, I will also be looking for other ideas to bring into consideration from our most qualified professionals. It will allow me to open discussion on possible solutions for our future."

These are the answers to the quesionaire, so there’s your context.