Ro Khanna + Matt Gaetz Team Up to Pass Ro's Anti Corruption Bill

Matt Gaetz has twice tweeted support for passing Ro Khanna’s Anti-Corruption bill. This bill would implement term limits, ban stock trading, and ban lobbyist money in politics. If you look at the replies to Matt Gaetz’s tweet, tons of conservatives are saying we’ve got to end money in politics. Any ideas on how we could get this passed?

Gaetz has a lot of attention right now. Moderate dems like Adam Schiff have at least pretended to support repealing Citizen’s United. Schiff introduced a bill to repeal Citizen’s United not too long ago. Of course it went nowhere, but it shows that he either cares or feels like he needs to pretend to care. Do you think it’s possible that we could get democrats to team up with Gaetz and perhaps the 7 republicans who ousted McCarthy to pass the anti-corruption bill?

If so…how could we make this happen? If Ro Khanna and Matt Gaetz loudly proclaim their bipartisan support for this, if enough voters get loud and contact their reps, if we can get the media talking about it since everyone is paying attention to Gaetz right now…would democrats feel enough pressure to look populist and pass the bill?

Edit: Just to be clear, Matt Gaetz is evil. Just considering making use of anything that’s available for us to win lol.


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