Support ACLU to address corruption?

There are a lot of places where I can put my money, but I can’t monetarily support everything. I want to invest my money in right places.

That said, is the ACLU one of those organization that I should prioritize? Other ideas are $27 to candidates that pledge not to take corporate money or both. There are a lot of good organizations out there like planned parenthood, but I want to get to the roots.

Taking care of the Earth is by far my number one priority. Combating global warming can only be done by cleaning up our footprint and working with nature and taking care of the earth; so combating global warming should address my cause. However, until we take care of corporate and political corruption, nothing is going move to address any progressive causes.

So how do I best support getting money out of politics and address corruption with our military, politicians, police, media, and corporations?


I was living and working in NYC on 9/11. The next day I joined the ACLU because I knew what was coming. I’ve not regretted my decision and remain a member.


Thank you @NastyHabits I decided to go ahead and join. It’s surprising that I don’t really hear anything from progressive organizations like TYT endorsing ACLU. Until recently, I recognizes the acronym as an organization that obviously comes up in the news a lot. However I don’t believe I have ever really heard anyone ever explain what the ACLU is nor endorse joining the organization.

It looks like one of the primary weapons we the people have against corruption, and considering, there is a lot of silence around this organization. Since I pay attention to these things more than most of the people around me, I don’t know how anyone would know to join. I would like to hear more people speak up for, or against, the ACLU and it would be nice to hear how TYT feels about the organization as well.


Wolf-PAC works solely on getting money out of politics. So does American Promise and a few others. ACLU of course does a lot of good things. They are not focus on the issue of money in politics nor on global warming. There are of course many organizations that focus solely on global warming. Donating to or volunteering directly with candidates who support your issues is also a great way, as you mentioned. I suggest looking into the websites of organizations you’re interested in. Find out what they’re about. When I got started with activism, I donated or volunteered for a lot of organizations in order to learn about them and then was better able to determine which ones were the best fit for me. I figured it wasn’t money nor time wasted either way. I was learning and still supporting good organizations in the meantime. Hope that helps and good on you for wanting to learn more and take action in meaningful ways.

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In the end, getting money out of politics is the target. I guess that means putting money into politics through organizations like ACLU and Wolf-PAC who will lobby to get money out of politics. It is, indeed, hypocritical, and counter intuitive as well. I guess until we change the rules of the game, we have to play the game according to the rules. If my politicians are going to be owned, I guess they best be owned ACLU and Wolf-PAC rather than Amazon and Walmart. I’ll look into Wolf-PAC, thank you @alison_hartson.