Talent requires discipline

It is clear, from my standpoint, that the Progressive message is clear.
Concise in every aspect, and considerate to all nuance of issues.
The problem is we literally want everything to change!
There are a million ways to do it!
There are a million organizations and efforts all trying to achieve the same goals!

It is time to take our passions and temper them.
We must find a way to harmonize our voice, and with cadence can carry syncopation gracefully into action.

Pick two ads for Nina Turner, only one commercial is a weak attempt.
Two or three gives the impression of heightened perception of action.
Who has time to prepare multiple commercials?
And not parrot each other?
Means people that mean to do something is somewhere around, and it will turn heads.

Don’t canvas door to door, go to businesses, shopping centers, high foot traffic, and spread the word from there! Let the public community carry it off into the local residence, and draw them to you!

And emphasize that Nina will fight for the people.
Emphasize that the Senate especially can’t have some cow tow parroting establishment when we still need social spending!

Someone has to call out Sinema and Manchin!
Call out Pelosi and Schumer, and why they still allow Kyrsten and Joe to sabotage the Party!

Tell them we need someone to continue to be a thorn in everyone’s side until SOMETHING HAPPENS!

And that is why Nina is right for the job.

Bring in high profile support, of course, but also the organizations.
Ohio has been Union battlefield for longer than I’ve been alive, the efforts there are so beaten and broken, but if you call out to them, they will muster the effort to see who calls, and round up whatever band members are still around.

And tell them about why Shontel was chosen!
Just because she was able to win over her for the House?!
They don’t even have a candidate to replace her!
Shouldn’t you be campaigning for that seat if you are about to vacate it?
The shame!
Run their faces in it so Shontel Brown never shows her face in politics again!

Bring us home a Senator.
Hello somebody.

And remember this: higher wages will increase business.

People will have more money to spend, period.
If we do that for everyone, every single working person is now a potential customer.

That is how a booming economy works.
Wages doesn’t mean giving handouts, it’s an investment for better business and foot traffic.

Don’t let business fear monger their lost profits, they of all people should know it takes money to make money.

This is the way.