The power of social media?

So I was thinking about how people without a voice could help the progressive cause, and I thought could we lead change by “trolling” Main stream media in force on Facebook. It wouldn’t actually be trolling, since we are actually calling out cnn and the likes for not telling the truth about how US politics actually works (90% legalized corruption). As we all know now, thanks to TYT, we need to follow the money. But “what if” enough of us started commenting on cnn and New York time articles calling out their flagrant propagandist reporting that protects corporations? How long could it go unnoticed and how much would be needed to make a difference? Russia used trolls to curve an election in their favor, what if we did the same on our end? What if we set up a team of fact checkers that listed sinemas donors and called out manchins investments in coal? This is a big what if, but I feel like it could lead to change. Let me know fellow members what you think.

As a test I made a comment on a cnn article about Sinema and manchin and it got 8 likes and 3 comments….that was just once and just one person. I think this is something that can force mainstreem media to report the truth by stating the truth. Just an idea, but I think it’s worth a shot. Much love to all.

Added thoughts:
My point is the game has changed with regards to protests and marches, this may be a novel way to inspire change from the lowest levels. We don’t need to physically gather and hold signs, we just need to coordinate tackling disinformation with the tools social media provides.


Love this idea. We try to do this with the TYT Army and could use fresh ideas to help us keep growing and improving. Check out our work at and sign up with us if you’re interested!


Hmmm, this is a really interesting idea. With the pandemic so many people haven’t been comfortable enough to do a protest or march. It would be really interesting to get maybe a virtual “march” on Fox News event where we could get people to post links and quotes in their Facebook and/or twitter comments with unbiased news articles and coverage.

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Here’s what goes unnoticed, the comments section. This came to light when I was comparing our comments from our full debate video to Ben Shapiro’s.

Why is their comments relatively positive reactions?

For this I push, left a golden nugget of an olive branch and only looked for common ground where I was there; anything else, in particular derogatory or condescending remarks are nothing more than you would expect.

From that perspective, the ratio of good comments, their frequency, aside from the mirrored doubt they feel about us, it’s like seeing the sky in the world of the Matrix.

It’s absolutely marvelous, and I feel like it’s too good to be true.