The Progressive Campaign

We have a little more than a year before the 2022 election, we need to start thinking about the Progressive Campaign now, both electives and policies.
We need address the gerrymandering two fold: first, getting voting turn out for which we can point to Republican’s uncooperative demeanor, bad faith negotiations, and no policy rebuttal or rebuttal of any substance or relevance for that matter.
The second angle is documenting closely this upcoming election, and would be helpful to see a map of state’s voting districts, their population and what number of representatives they are voting for, see how the election is being represented.
And continue this campaign until people finally come to their senses.
This campaign can be it’s own foundation, messages being sent out to main stream everything including right wing platforms.
Get upcoming election candidates names talked about early, or get incumbents prepared.
Raise awareness for progressive legislation, and get the people prepared for grassroots campaigning.
If we have good policies or candidates to back, we can persuade our neighbors both left and right I think.
If the polls are accurate, both sides don’t like what they see, one party is divided, the other completely absent and in disarray.
Help get unions established; I would love to see one established for restaurant labor in Arizona, that would be such sweet justice particularly for our state, and prepare to oust Sinema when her time comes.
The people of Phoenix are ready for a restaurant union, even their culinary graduates aren’t making any significant increased pay for their tens of thousands in culinary education. They’re working overtime, whether they’re making overtime pay is another matter, and kitchen work is hard work and requires skill and sense of urgency; finding capable people is uncommon which only makes the fact that kitchen employees will generally work for minimum wage for years without receiving a raise, notoriously understaffed and overworked…
Phoenix would automatically sign that petition without thinking twice, everyone’s tired of making less than the servers and working twice as hard, it doesn’t help that the national conversation on wages os focused on servers and tipped wages; even with under minimum wage, after tips they are making far more than any kitchen worker, like ridiculously, and some of these servers are ungrateful or terrible to work with or both.
Anyway, the best Progressive campaign is word of mouth, and recently progressive actions have making more impact than expected, or gain enough momentum to make something happen.
Everytime I think to myself: if only I had heard about that sooner, I would have let more people know about it, or I didn’t know an issue I cared about had so much support in my community.
We should identify these early, so we by New Year, seeds are planted and names are dropped, or recognition of issues in the community.
The way I see it, we campaign like we’re stealing constituents on both sides when it comes to policy, and keep the “Political Party” abstract, like antifa.
We want change, we can unite for policy, or good politicians, we don’t need to party jump to work together, everyone can keep their identities, and the Progressive base can borrow support from reasonable people.
I’m a second amendment advocate for example, and I believe we need background checks bad, like 20 years ago this is insane! And we need a gun rights advocacy that isn’t trying to make gun owners absolute lunatics, it’s not a great look and I don’t appreciate it, we need an alternative.

Let’s start there.

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