The Wheel of Time on Prime Video

I was listening to The Damage Report today and had to add this to the community since I wonder if my comments are even read on YouTube. However, I need to share because Brett is completely correct and Johnny Pie needs to come to realize there is no Pie in the Sky when it comes to this show. LOL.

John. Brett is 100% correct about The Wheel of Time TV show. I have read the books multiple times (mostly because of the delays with getting the last few when Jordan became unwell and passed away).

That said; Amazon Prime Video’s director has butchered what was a great book for no other reason than an attempt to entice new fans that never read the books. It kills me to know Brandon Sanderson was involved, because Jordan must be turning over in his grave - as the saying goes.

The acting is very poor and for the amount of $$$$'s they spent Brett is absolutely correct - the vista’s (Episode 5 - Dragonmount overlooking Tar Valon looks like a painted background), sets, costumes, and most definitely the LIGHTING is atrocious. I wanted this to be such a hit show too. I was soooo excited for this show. It is really a disappointment to say the least. How on Earth do you get Loial wrong?! The one thing the books are not missing is descriptions - he is supposed to be around 10 feet tall. Oh, and making Perrin married when he clearly was not in the books because the director thinks it will add drama - there was no reason for them to introduce a character that does not exist.

OMG, how can you not see what Brett and I see when it comes to the lighting. The actors faces are a huge give away for you to notice. Their skin color shows this easily. The next time you watch look for moments when lighting F’s up the image quality on their skin - it makes them all look like a collage of splotchy purples/whites/reds/greens all mixed together. WTF.

Signing off now. Thanks for reading.
Darkwing Duck Dragon