To lie or not to lie for the common good that is the question

So to some it up the utilization of masking for benefit of society, not to manipulate, but to alleviate an individual pensiveness that you’re conversating with reaches. Intent is to reach an epiphany or epitome through their own natural path and compass, this is formed through sharing experiences non subjectively, but with intent , thus not only creating trust but imbedding a link for us to collectively grow stronger because once something of value is planted it will spread.

It’s not even about the mask anymore. The behavior of willfully being ignorant of how disease spreads is a child’s game.
We’re arguing 5th grade science.

I’m quite comfortable in the simple truth, and watching idiots bang their heads against a stone wall.
It’s all you can do, eventually they’ll either tire or die from one ignored danger or another.

Fauci did his job admirably, there is no real question or cause for concern than there has been in our lifetimes over science, people that refuse have reverted to flat earth, and no one is going to believe an inquisition this day and age.
That’s one I don’t mind Second Amendment Righting whatsoever.
Crusades stay down.

Templars? Lol

I, jedi, Knight of the Republic, and the Knights the Force has called upon that is the Progressive Movement stand strong against undeniable fascism that threatens to break through the blast doors.

We fight back the ignorance and belligerence like master and apprentice fending off destroyer droids! I feel it! In the Live Chat everyday, I hear voices of victors in their everyday lives, I hear outspoken people that have yet to be slowed down by any argument they face in the real world or the digital realm; which says something.

Trolls come seek us far and wide to witness for themselves the dragons approaching, and they light the field with culture wars, thinking fire has any effect on dragon scales.
We were forged in the crucible that is anti-Progressive propaganda for decades!
Our mettle is pure, not one defective grain in the carefully tempered and meticulously treated message we’ve crafted.
One worthy to even Jesus Christ Himself!

Wootz steel, dragon scale, Progressive values.
This is the crystal that powers our blades, the Force it provides never dulls, never bends, never yields. Our politics shine so bright people cry “Socialism!” from a mile away!

Jedi, Dragons, or Progressive they all cower the same way.

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I love it my man, not only do I agree, but I’m idealistically want the same thing, I would of said it in different words, but that JUST IT! Individuals in debate setting tend to forget to comprehend the debatee, if you will. Just lending some patience to decipher, one another’s message leads to substantial affects on your own perceptions’. Share the love by offer and ear, well in this case eyes, but you catch my drift lol