TYT ARMY Arizona

Cyber Ninjas is refusing to reveal their findings even under court order, an audit that never had any merit to take place, an audit that kept searching for fraud coming up with more absurd theories and speculation even as they were reviewing with nothing to back their claims; an audit that compromised our voting machines making us spend 3 million on top of whatever we had to pay this faux company to perform this sham of a circus.

And our Republicans still claim without question the election was fraudulent.

Because Fox, for as hard as they try, seem to end up time and time again convincing their audience that the election was stolen.

Every court in the nation said “no”, billion dollar lawsuits and politicians avoiding being served like cartoon characters, we’ve proven in court again with Cyber Ninjas everytime they bring in some bogus claim and still people refuse to believe!

And now they want to take the masks off our children so that they can also be at risk of their negligent leadership!

And our Democrats are powerless to do anything! Katie Hobbs stands alone against the current. I know Sinema isn’t really a Democrat, but where is Mark Kelly? Where is the national Democratic presence to help defend our democracy?

I am holding FB chatrooms on my own, leaving conversations awkwardly in my favor, and I can tell you Az Republicans are shameless in their ambitions for fascism.

Az sheriffs are picking and choosing which laws to enforce, not surprising considering our law enforcement still secretly embrace Arpaio’s legacy, so it’s no wonder that 1 in 3 women are victims of rape or attempted rape in their lifetime when 20 years ago it was 1 in 4.
How many laws have we been ignoring these past 20 years?

What hope do we have right now? They’re sweeping the audit under the rug, we’re going to allow this cancer of Q misinformation to fester, and we can’t let that happen.

People are talking about masks as if it’s the first time we’re bringing it up. They are literally repeating the same playbook from last year verbatim.

Arizona needs help dragons, there’s more progress here than meets the eye.

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I’m in a political FB chatroom for my local community, and I’ve been lighting up the space defending myself from the knee jerk reactionary Republicans that can’t control their outbursts even on social media.

I’ll skip right to the chase, if you find yourself in a debate, and you start getting links instead like they’re tired and using these opinion pieces to hold themselves up, that’s what the segmented videos are for, to highlight specific points and topics.

Their crutch is the Washington Examiner, Fox News (even when you point out that they themselves condemn fox news, the hypocrisy doesn’t register: dead end for getting through), etc.
Go ahead and get a jist of what their saying, you can search keywords of certain topics; you’re going to find out that there are going to be a few that pop up before you get to yours that’s just as good if not better to push your point.
Whom better to push that point than the absolute truth?
I do feel because of Cenk’s conservative history (I’m similar in that my parents are conservative), his talking points will hit closer to home for Republicans, because he’s specifically attacking the issue in a way that conservative policies should be agreeing with, and that’s what exacerbates the cracks in the foundation.
Don’t let them get lazy, they do that, give them some TYT, don’t let them think they can use that as their conversation ender.

Ana is just as good, Republican’s hate strong women that makes sense; which makes Ana Kasparian absolutely infuriating.

It’s the best, try it out, let me know if it works for you.

Happy Hunting,
TYT Army Arizona.

By jist, I mean you’re going to have to read a little to see what it is you’re engaging in.

Because these talking points will be shallow, nonsensical, or straight up coco puffs all you need to worry about is the message trying to be spread.

I will always look around the article, over 90% of the time, we’re talking about opinion pieces people try to use as fact.
Too many people get off the hook for using proof that is very much not even worthy of being an opinion, just a thought train exercise.

Call out credibility if applicable, then respond with a relevant TYT youtube video.
I’m just starting to try it out, but if you search keywords of your topic followed by TYT, you’ll find relevant stories neatly segmented for your convenience and pleasure.

At this point you may already have a story in mind, and looking for a particular one, this is when you might find similar stories or better stories to make your case.

I get ranges of 8 months to current, try to stay current as those stories will have the most relevant points to your discussion in all likelihood.
You should watch your videos before putting up, even if you remember and watch every episode.
It’s a good habit as it makes you stay engaged with your discussions, be careful not to overly humiliate anyone, stay engaged with the topics.

If they start getting lazy and putting up articles, return the favor and show them how dragons do it.

So far TYT does not get contested, but people refuse to watch John Oliver or any story from Last Week Tonight.

I am also saving Indisputable if people start mentioning my choice of one news program, then The Damage Report after that.

I know, I stuck doc right in the middle like I’m looking for racial tension, but some of those TYT videos include John, and I don’t want to ruin it if they found out we were all the same network.

It’s an unnecessary precaution I know, I don’t even know if it matters what you put up, they probably won’t look at it; there is something to seeing the title of the video however, and I wonder if Republicans will just take the title of the video and not dispute your video or even mention it because they didn’t want to watch it, and can’t openly say they’re lazy and ignorant.

Always expect immediate vehement attacks whenever you say anything, and recognize those as the resident trolls, it will always be the same people but no more than a handful or so. If you engage regularly, you will know them by name, and as they try to dominate your time, take these moments as opportunity to teach lessons.

If they fall off topic, be sure to mention the fact, but also answer the whataboutism as rationally as you can.

One fight we all will be having is about Medical Study; remember, even if CDC makes mistakes, the people that will be correcting them, the people making the rules that replace the bad ones will also be coming directly from CDC.

Even if their doctors are right, it will be through the WHO that their medical discoveries will be acknowledged and recognized, and that all alternative treatments and approval and efficacy will still be coming from WHO.

This last part about the CDC, I am skeptical will be of any significance, further consideration is to be taken; however, I have had mild success in being frank with how the medical community generally works.

If one study is more popular than another, it’s because more doctors support it openly in this forum; and that is why stories like doctors disagreeing with boosters is significantly more important than “Ivermectin doesn’t help covid, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t not help covid”.

Find yourself some good links for face coverings being scientifically proven to help reduce the spread of a respiratory disease.

Be ready to explain the scientific community’s obsession for preparation, and in fact it was that preparation that paid off, making technologies like mRNA research available to us at a moments notice.

Push back, we are the bait, the Right wants to own us specifically.
It is US that shame them most, they cannot resist the challenge of social democrat.

That is what I meant.

TYT Army Arizona
please tell me there are more of us because I need assistance.

11 years ago, it stopped being ok to be “woke” here in Arizona.
We stopped caring about talking ill of fresh tragedies, we gave up on giving shreds of decency to the other side, we pissed on the minority’s values for the public to see, and when we ousted the most world renown sheriff in all the land, Our GOP turned around and ran on Progressive values, only to rip off their mask and openly detest both political colleague and constituent, not caring about the manner they sabotage the Democratic Party.

They are so blinded that they don’t see how obvious they have become. No one is going to believe their action democratic, at the same time the Democrats do nothing to put out this fire.
If they’re crying about their house being on fire, but don’t do anything to prevent it, it might be arson.

That being said, the anniversary of our tragedy has made me reflect on Mark Kelly’s wife and her career.

And it makes me sick, Sinema won exactly how Gabby Giffords campaigned, and when Gabby was shot in the face for her politics, the Republicans didn’t even pause to pay respect before bashing her views.
It was a mark of victory, that the Radical Left was properly put in their place.

For over a decade, being a Progressive is cause enough to disregard as wasted life.
We all are, race, sexual orientation, gender it doesn’t matter.
It’s all Black Lives Matter to them.

There are Republicans that detest being affiliated with such sentiment, and are just as disgusted that the jokes hit so close to home, not so much that they were said.
I am trying to separate the toxic from the conservativism, and I do believe there are parts that do qualify.
They secretly voted to oust Trump after all, especially here in Arizona, all red Biden tickets is one of our signatures.

The blue here is more Progressive than most, because we have been under the GOP yoke for so long, what Progressives say make sense, from both a social economic viewpoint and one of economic survival and potential prosperity.

A Progressive platform is possible, and pulling red votes to secure that election, to insist for all representation, is Arizona’s only hope to pull them from influences like Paul Gosar.

I didn’t vote for Mark Kelly because of his campaign, though he did run a good platform, he had my vote as soon as I saw his wife standing with him.
I wouldn’t think she would ever show her face in public again, that’s a courage we Arizonans needed, as small as it may seem.

11 years ago yesterday, the Progressive platform in Arizona was declared public enemy number one.

People are finally tired of the broken record, they want something fresh, and it’s time to capitalize.

Sound off Arizona, if you too have sensed this.