TYT Army Minnesota

Fellow Minnesotan: We’ll be meeting as TYT ARMY Minnesota at 6PM on Tuesday, July 13th on Zoom, with Facebook invite here: Redirecting...

This state chapter currently works with a local Our Revolution group that signed onto supporting the TYT Pledge, held several pledge gathering events, and have candidates for local office sign the pledge.

Current projects include police accountability, getting big money out of politics, and enacting a local Green New Deal.

Join us at the TF5_Minnesota on the TYT Army Slack channel and follow our Facebook page at: Redirecting...


TYT Army Minnesota meets 6PM on the 2nd Tuesday of each month to discuss local issues, support the TYT Progressive Economic Pledge, and hold our elected officials accountable!

Draft agenda for tonight’s meeting on Google meet is here: Issues Committee & TYT Army MN 11/09/21 - Google Docs. Virtual meeting link is here: https://meet.google.com/wwi-vcom-xay

If you cannot make it this month, sign up for our December in-person meeting: Issues Committee and TYT ARMY MN Monthly Meeting · Our Revolution Twin Cities

Looking forward to meeting others here in Minnesota as we gear up for what should be interesting midterms next year!

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