TYT Army - Research and Reporting team wants YOU!

Greetings, TYT fam! I’m Jessica, and I’m a colonel in Task Force :two: (Research and Reporting). I’m also old enough to remember Dead or Alive’s 1984 hit “You Spin Me ’Round (Like a Record).” :notes: These days, that title (albeit not the full lyrics) could be dedicated to the establishment media, whose spin could outdo even the greatest DJ. That’s where TF :two: comes in. We do the research :books: and put out fact sheets :newspaper: that report the un-spun truth.

The research our team has conducted into issues like the climate crisis, :earth_americas: education, :notebook: foreign policy, :world_map: and healthcare :hospital: has been used to correct the bias and propaganda of the establishment media. We have soooo many other topics on the agenda, and the more active sleuths we have, the better! :female_detective: :male_detective: This is where you come in! All you have to do is click the link below, complete the application, and check Task Force :two:. :pen: You could be helping us set the record straight within just a few days!

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