TYT Army: Research and Reporting

Hi, everyone! :wave:

I’m Jessica, one of the colonels of Task Force 2: Research and Reporting of the TYT Army. :tyt_army: Take a few minutes to read what one of our majors, Rick, had to say about our team. If this sounds exciting to you, please fill out the application linked below and join us! We’d love to have you aboard!

Fox News was right :fox_face:, One America News Network :skull_and_crossbones: was right, Pillow Mike :bed: was right. Even Donald Trump :clown_face: was right (even though he admitted to Sean Hannity :hankey: that he wasn’t right). They were all right about the 2020 Election being stolen! :astonished:
All the previous sentences would be correct in a world without facts :woman_judge: But even though those facts are out there, someone has to find them. :male_detective: Enter Task Force :two:. The sole job of TF2 is to take the above statements and dig to find out if they are true or not :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. We also can’t just say they are true or false, we also have to prove it by vetting and revealing our sources :computer:.
If you’re not happy with the current news climate :-1: and would like to make a difference where it counts, TF2 is waiting for you. Just apply here https://bittyurl.co/e9T2. :tyt_army: