TYT Army’s Weekly Bias/Propaganda Watch List (December 13, 2021)

Hey everyone! Every week Task Force 1 puts together a list of media trends and areas where we think anti-Progressive bias/propaganda may pop up in the media. Here’s this week’s list:

  • Rise in Crime & “Copaganda”
    • Be on the lookout for articles which blame progressive policies and/or DAs for increase in crime, especially in SF (Chesa Boudin) or LA (George Gascón).
    • Watch for authors which uncritically cite police sources only (stenography)
    • Blaming BLM or Defund the Police for crime surges are also great candidates for submission
  • Kellogg Strike
    • Watch for articles containing bias against workers/unions and/or in favor corporations
  • Labor Market
    • Look for articles from pro-corporate sources which contain bias against higher wages
    • Notice when the data doesn’t match the talking points: unemployment rates are low, but articles are still being written using anecdotal evidence and stories about how “no one wants to work”
  • Filibuster
    • Are the media pointing out how the Democrats are letting the filibuster hold up their legislative agenda?

If you spot any of the items above, please submit through our website.

Taking a few minutes to help us out would be much appreciated. We are #toostrong when we work together!

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I found a few things with NCAACP, dealing with court outcomes.