TYT Army’s Weekly Bias/Propaganda Watch List (March 7, 2022)

Hey everyone! Every week Task Force 1 puts together a list of media trends and areas where we think anti-Progressive bias/propaganda may pop up in the media. Here’s this week’s list:

  • Ukraine-Russia war

    • Watch out for narratives that exclude the disadvantages of a no-fly zone or other escalation, including sanctions
    • Journalists should be giving appropriate context of the situation, not just being stenographers for politicians
    • Is the background of guests, pundits, experts being properly disclosed, especially if there are potential conflicts of interest?
  • Pandemic

    • “The pandemic is over” - Are the media fact checking people who say this? What does the data say? Pushing for the status quo (“return to normalcy” or “going back to the office”) can be a type of bias
  • Rising Gas Prices

    • Supply and demand is affected by global events. Are the media blaming alternate energy sources like solar and wind instead of providing the whole context?

If you spot any of the items above, please submit through our website .

Taking a few minutes to help us out would be much appreciated. We are #toostrong when we work together!