TYT Army’s Weekly Bias/Propaganda Watch List (October 18, 2021)

Hey everyone! Every week Task Force 1 puts together a list of media trends and areas where we think anti-Progressive bias/propaganda may pop up in the media. Here’s this week’s list:

  • Media reporting on crime has included false or unsupported claims

  • Opposition to the reconciliation bill

    • Watch for reporters feigning outrage over how conservative Democrats are confronted about their obstructionism.
    • Are the media considering the role donors play in politicians’ moves? There’s nothing mysterious about corruption.
  • Journalists are rushing to defend themselves and each other after Bernie Sanders called them out for not covering policy — are they responding to the substance of his critique?

  • Democratic chairman used David Duke in analogy about Buffalo Mayoral candidate India Walton

  • Watch out for media outlets uncritically repeating right-wing talking points on vaccine mandates

  • Look out for media bias in favor of corporations when discussing the recent oil spill in CA

If you spot any of the items above, please submit through our website.

Taking a few minutes to help us out would be much appreciated. We are #toostrong when we work together!

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